english Use a small evaluation two days later.

Discussion in 'PUBG Customer Testimonials' started by weisina1991, May 25, 2018.

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    This is a simple review because I only used it for two days. In the follow-up I will continue to increase the complete and comprehensive evaluation.
    The adjustability of AIMBOT is great. It can provide a unique setting for each type of firearm in the game. Yes, each type of firearm can be set independently. This is a great invention.You can set any aimbot key, FOV, smoothing, curve, etc.
    Each type of firearm in the game has his own bullet predictions and bullet drop predictions that will allow you to easily kill each other while the target is running.
    But the goal is 200 meters or more, AIMBOT predictions will be inaccurate, but who cares? Because he is already a great invention.
    If each type of firearm can individually adjust the unique bullet prediction and bullet drop prediction, the score will be higher (11/10) lol

    Player ESP(10/10)
    There are options for bones and boxes, distance settings, visibility detection, and more options, but ESPs are perfect if they have the above features, not to mention more options.

    Item ESP(9/10)
    Each item will have a good sorting option. You can choose to hide low-level items and only display high-level items. When you wear high-level items, it will hide low-level items. It is very smart, but I rarely use item ESP because I think the screen shows too much and messy, I generally only open the player ESP and close the item ESP. But it is undeniable that the item ESP is perfect, you can choose to open it.

    Price (10/10)
    For cheating outside pubg, unity's price is very reasonable and cheap. And unity is very safe, what reason do you not have it. Lol
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    There's a reason why it is difficult to be invited. This is a secure and private community. It is also against the rules to ask for invitations.
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    Agree with you
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    I think so, and I can make a custom.
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