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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by xNovex, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. xNovex


    Hello, I have been using UnityHacks for about 1 month and have played the cheat for at least 4 hours every day. I am now taking a little time to write a short review.

    When I started the cheat for the first time I was pleasantly surprised. The clear menu, and the simple design. The menu is fairly easy to use and is very clear.

    Then of course I went on and saw the Legitbot. I think Unityhacks is one of the best cheats when it comes to the Legitbot. It is so extensive and you can hardly adjust a lot, even if you have no idea about it. The Legitbot is very good, you can adjust it individually and perfect it for yourself. He looks very legit and hits well. The cheat also hits as a semi rage.

    Let’s get to the ragebot, the ragebot hits the spot when it comes to pasted cheats, such as OTC. However, if a better cheat comes, UnityHacks can’t do anything. I personally don’t find this so bad, because I prefer the legitbot anyway. I think it would be cool if a Ragebot update comes sometime.

    Now we come to the Misc. Under the Misc are settings that are helpful, a resolver, (but it isnt really working) and more! It is not complicated and you can simply click on everything you want to have on. Everything is self-explanatory. And with the custom chat spammer mode I also have no problems because its simple to use. Otherwise the Clantags are a really cool thing, especially I like the Clantag animation.

    And now finally the visuals. The visuals are really extensive, you can adjust the colors, you can switch ESP on and off and hold the glow mode. For example, I have set the opponents to be red when they are not visible and green when I see them. A very good option for legit cheating. I have never had any problems with the visuals and I am also very enthusiastic.

    Now there is a short assessment for each category:
    10/10 - Legitbot
    5/10 - Ragebot
    10/10 - Visuals
    5/10 - Miscellaneous

    In the end everything summarized again. In my opinion UnityHacks is one of the best cheats when it comes to legit cheating. Many functions and features, many settings and a simple menu. Everything is self-explanatory, so that someone who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge can hire something. Thanks for reading my review.

    Sincerely yours
  2. xiVCSGO

    xiVCSGO Member

    Nice Review my Friend (:
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