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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by Teddy-Escobar, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Teddy-Escobar

    Teddy-Escobar Member

    Hi. i must say the forum is so nice and the support is so fast. when i pm a unityhacks support guy he answer within 5-20 minutes. and i believe that the community is so nice and its much better than other cheat sites. this must be the only cheat that has nice support and fast support and not toxic people.

    Kk here comes my review:

    Legitbot: 10/10. it was hard to figure out how it works but i found it working good for me and im happy with my settings. and it looks very legit. and its not missing like other cheats. very strong aimbot for legit! so happy !

    Ragebot: 8/10 i think u worked much on ragebot on the new recode because its much better than the first ragebot. i had unity for a while ago and i wasnt happy at all. just with legitbot. but i bought it again because my friend said i should buy it because its so good. and i totally agree its really nice and i tap many cheats with it :) just need the right settings and its super good :)

    Visuals: 10/10 i cant really say much. it has everything u need for visuals lol! so good :D

    Misc: 8/10 Ye it doesnt have much but u dont need more :p the only thing that would be cool is if they added a clantag that u can customize yourself and choose what clantag u want and how its going to rotate and stuff lol would be super cool!

    Triggerbot: 10/10 Lol the triggerbot is like the best trigger i have ever had almost. it doesnt miss anything when i flickshot fast with awp. its really nice :D. would be cool if u could add trigger-magnet so it uses aimbot fov and psilent and smooth for legithacking. then u wont miss 1 shot it will lock with psilent and would be even more op.

    ANTI-AIM: 10/10 Got the antiaims u need so im happy with it. fakeangels works good tho for breaking resolvers. really nice i must say. with aw i cant even break resolvers with lby because the lby is like shit on aw its like moving head to wrong position when i dont want it to xD so aw sucks. Unity is Much much better in my opinion.

    Rcs: works really good it holds your recoil like u want it. nothing more to say about it lol.

    Config tab: 10/10 Its really nice that u added like configs for newbies so they can use that configs and learn much better and copy and remake the configs really nice. i have never seen it before on other cheats. really nice work! i must say

    Colors: 10/10 i can use whatever i want lol best!

    The whole menu: 10/10

    The cheat community is 10/10 too and the support is soo good like i said! thanks for taking time to read this. Awesome cheat.
    Regards: Gillbill'd
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  2. Xyte


    Thank you for the great review!

    I noticed you mentioned adding custom clantags, you can add your own clan tags in the following document Unityhacks > products > UnityCSGO > Resources > Public > clantag.txt :)
  3. biohazard


    Thanks for the in depth review :) Glad you enjoy it.
  4. Phil


    Admin Post
    To extend this info: you can modify all public resources, including the images, clantags, custom names and the chat spammer.
  5. Teddy-Escobar

    Teddy-Escobar Member

    Ahh thanks :D i didnt see it :p i love this so fast support !
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  6. Teddy-Escobar

    Teddy-Escobar Member

    oh nice! thanks
  7. Mia

    Mia =)

    Great and well done review ,i'v been watching those topics since 2 days and now i'm sure that this is legit and undetected i'll try to collect and own a cheat from this site as fast as i can
    keep this community as great as it is and supporters god bless you:)
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