english UnityHacks 1month Review

Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by roled, Nov 20, 2019.

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    Hello, I know I should've made this review ages ago when my sub ran out but I forgot.
    After the 1 month of using Unity, I can happily say it has been my favourite legit cheat so far.
    The legit bot and visuals were really nice allowing me to play super legit and aswell the great undetection rate.

    Aimbot felt perfect with amazing humanized recoil and buttery smooth aimbot. 10/10

    Visuals were great and had amazing customizability. 9/10

    Had great misc features such as the bhop where u could change the % of hops u would land. 9/10

    I honestly find it quite annoying to inject because i have to reboot into new OS which takes some time on my old laptop. But this all is great cuz when its over i can get into cs and play. 8/10

    My FPS in some ways felt better as if it was boosted, it is good compared to aw which i used for quite some time and that would kill my frames. I have not faced any crashing issues which were good aswell. 11/10
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