english Unity review after 2 months of usage.

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    electro12 Alduin#8158

    Firstly, just wanna say that I do not play that much HvH so I can't give a very detailed opinion on the rage bot features.

    Also, just some info that may help before you read. I have used a couple other cheats before and comparatively, they were no where near the level of Unity. I am a massively inconsistent player in every game I play. I can drop 40 in a global match but bottom frag in a MG match. My aim and crosshair placement in CS is good and this cheat is best for players who are good, but looking for a boost up, not a silver 1 looking to go pro.

    The cheat is made mainly for legit cheating so the rage features in Unity are not the best available. Unity very much serves its purpose as a legit cheat and it will not disappoint you. Read on to see why.

    1) Legitbot
    I genuinely don't know what else you could want from a legitbot. There is pSilent which is absolutely mental how powerful that thing is, even on an incredibly low FOV like 0.3.
    If you don't like pSilent or if you are quite new to cheats you can still use a default legit bot with highly customisable smooth and curve settings to hide your self from overwatch. This sort of legitbot is much better for new cheaters as they can actually see their crosshair move and snap etc so it is much easier to customise it to your liking so you don't get rekt by overwatch.

    It has a multitude of other useful tidbits like "No Snap" so your crosshair doesnt move to another player after your initial target dies. There is also "Through Smoke" so you don't lock onto someone as you are shooting through a smoke because that's a bit obvious :)
    There is also an option for "No Air Shots" so it doesn't shoot before it can hit the target.

    If you don't like to use a FOV based aimbot you can use a points based aimbot, which creates a box around the selected bone to aim within. Another option is that you can select the nearest aimspot to your crosshair to lock onto or the aimbot can select a random aimspot to keep you looking legit and safe from any pesky game bans.

    In case you haven't realised yet the focus of this cheat is its legit features and these features are fucking great. From my experience using pSilent with FOV of around 0.3-0.4 (weapon dependent, another great feature of this cheat) is very powerful. There are many good configs out there to test like valle's and sliddqvist's

    If you don't like either of these you can just make your own and test it. There are many different options to play around with and that's what makes this cheat great. The world is your oyster.

    2) RCS
    The RCS is very good and very useful. My one downfall is that i tend to struggle spraying at anyone more than about 6 inches away so this is a life saver. You have 2 sliders, pitch and yaw, down and sideways. This can be set to a low value for some assistance or a higher value so it can do it all for you. If you really want it to do it all you can select no recoil for a deadly laser beam, but it looks like you have Parkinson's and trying to shoot in demos, careful.

    It also has other options such as over compensation and delay to maintain the legit look. Again this is fully customisable for each and every weapon.

    3) Visuals
    I don't have a year to spend typing this review so i will not go over every single visual feature as there is so many.

    3.1) Chams
    You have the option to only draw visible targets or the option to draw targets through walls as well. The colour can be changed for each so it is easy to distinguish between visible and not visible. There are also 4 styles, solid, flat, points and wireframe. Once you purchase the cheat you can see for yourself which one you prefer (personally prefer solid).

    3.2) Glow
    Typical glow that you would find in most cheats however the difference with Unity is that... you guessed it, it's highly customisable. You can make the glow solid or keep it just as an outline, you can use the targets HP as the glow colour to easily tell if they are low HP which is much easier than reading the number. There is also a "Highlighting" option. If they are busy, defusing or visible the colour will change. Again this gives you a clear visual indication of certain aspects which can be very helpful (ie push when they are reloading). Every colour option can be changed to whatever colour you want.

    3.3) Other
    Other features are things such as skeleton/bones, box ESP, textual info ESP, orientation ESP or tracing.
    Tracing draws a line behind the players head as they move with an option to adjust the time the trace lasts for. This is quite useful for bactracking (dw i have not forgot) with a high time to see where you can shoot. All the other features listed like box, bones and text all have the option to use highlighting. Another option for the visuals is that the visuals are limited to players that you can hear and/or are on the radar. This is a way to use visuals but to help you stay looking clean. There are many text options which don't cause much clutter due to the alignment options available. All the different text options have their own colour setting too.

    3.4) World Visuals
    Object ESP, Nade trajectory, bullet trace and general world ESP.
    Many different options. (thrown and dropped nades, dropped weapons and bomb) all have their own option ranging from text to sphere to glow or even glow with text which can be very handy when trying to save an AWP or find the bomb on Nuke.
    Nade trajectory is self explanatory and is very handy for throwing quick free style smokes/nades that don't require a line up, which means no more missing the B apps window on Mirage :D
    Coloured walls and sky are again self explanatory. Favourite colour(s) is a changing gradient along the colour spectrum which looks like you are on LSD. Not bad.

    On that note the colour settings also give you an option to set multiple colours so the colour can change and cycle, which looks pretty cool. Again, massive amounts of customisation.

    Hitmarkers, Hitsounds and damage notifications. The sound and hitmarker can actually be changed to what ever you want. The damage notifications have lots of options for just a damage notification such as float up and an option for all damage to be displayed.
    The Unity developers clearly care about the community and give the community a multitude of options for many features.

    4) Skinchanger
    Not much to be said apart from the fact is works perfectly. A common misconception is that you cant apply an AK skin on an AWP. You can, you just need to edit the config file manually and type in the skin id. https://i.nospread.xyz/item_index.txt
    You can set custom name tags too along with custom stattrak numbers. Apart from a sticker changer or something like that, nothing is missing from this skinchanger. Amazing.

    5) Other misc visuals and stuffs
    No flash, No smoke, No hands, No scope etc.
    Again a very large set of small customisations to edit your visuals.
    FOV changer, viewmodel changer for a nice upside down viewmodel or bomb info. Many small little features but some are very useful like spectator list to try and stay clean when your team is watching or recoil crossshair to help control the recoil, bomb info to help you see if you have time or if you should save.
    Too many to go through in detail. Give Untiy a try and see for yourself.

    6) Triggerbot
    A great triggerbot with weapon, hit location and hitchance options too. Yet again very customisable so you can make sure you don't miss with a high hitchance or keep a legit look with a low hitchance. The triggerbot does not disappoint and very rarely misses.
    Not much to say really, swing for the fences with your mouse and you will still hit.

    7) Misc
    A few misc features in the misc tab which are all very functional. Bhop, auto strafe, fakelag, auto pistol/revolver, name stealer and chat spammer.
    The Bhop hack has a failure level to keep you safe from the praying eyes of overwatch. Fakelag is a feature that is very situational is legit play but can be very useful, ie for jumping across mid doors on dust 2. Do not keep it on for too long or it looks like you are playing with 2 fps for spectators.

    The chat spammer and clan tag changers can also be changed by editing the files within your Unity folder to whatever you want.

    8.) Backtrack
    I thought I would give bactrack its own little section as its so god damn powerful. You are not shoehorned into using an aimbot just to use bactrack. The backtrack is also on the trigger bot with a maximum time of 200ms. This may seem small but it can be very powerful on players shoulder peeking corners. Best part is, it does not look suspicious at all. Not at all. At worst it looks like someone was lagging. You would never get overwatched for this as 1) most people who do overwatch have no clue what it is, and 2) it is near invisible.

    9) Other stuff to mention

    All visuals are stream proof so if you use OBS you can stream without any of your viewers seeing your visuals. Every feature in this cheat works exactly how you want it to, with vast customisation this cheat is truly one of the best.

    10) Conclusion
    Now you are probably thinking, should I buy Unity? Fuck yes. This cheat is so god damn good. You can tweak practically anything to your liking as the developers care about the community. The community here is great and friendly too, the support is very active and the last detection was a few years ago, unlike cheats beginning with A and ending in ware.

    Every feature has the option to be toggled on and off by a key bind, or to be activated only when pressed. Configs can be loaded upon a press of a button to toggle on a bit harder if you need.

    I initially bought the 48h trial and could not go back to the cheat I was using before as Unity was far superior, so I went out and bought a 1 year sub because I will bet you that you wont find a better cheat for this price.

    It may require you to restart your PC to switch windows, but its 100% worth it once you do. Security is key and Unity is a very secure cheat.

    Obviously I shouldn't have to say this but no, I have not been banned at all while using Unity. Some days played 10+ matches and got 30 kills, sometimes 48, but have never been banned. If you know how to play and how to hide your cheats, you will never be banned using Unity.

    Time for some score ratings because why the hell not.

    Legitbot 10/10 - nothing more you could want
    Visuals 10/10 - nothing more you could want
    RCS 9.8/10 - only thing missing is an option for moving the crosshair back up after you finish.
    Skinchanger 10/10 - perfect
    Triggerbot 10/10 - you will probably be able the count the amount you miss on one hand.
    Ragebot N/A - as I hardly play HvH I won't be able to give a reasonable score, but if you are looking for a good HvH cheat, this isn't the cheat for you.
    Bhop/Autostrafe 10/10 - The failure level is amazing
    Performance 9/10 - occasional crash on buy menus but other than that its great

    Let me know if I missed something big and I will edit this post with my opinion on it. I was trying not to waffle a bunch of garbage but trust me, this cheat is so good for it's price.

    Hopefully now you have read this review it might convince you to join Unity. This cheat is bloody amazing. I do not regret it.

    <3 thanks Flo
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    Very good review
  3. electro12

    electro12 Alduin#8158

    Mate, I'm not gonna lie, you didnt read that entire review in under 1 minute. I very highly doubt it. I don't want disingenuous feedback.
  4. hkniso1

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    Could you give me your configuration files?
  5. electro12

    electro12 Alduin#8158

    I hope that I haven't accidentally changed anything. Anyway, here.

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    Nice review from where are you?
  7. electro12

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    I'm English. From the shit hole that is London.
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    Ah nice ive heard that is is well not so nice
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