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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by MrAutism, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. MrAutism

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    I bought unity on 19 October, I did 3 months because that was really cheap for me unlike alot of other cheats.

    Unlike alot of things that are cheap to others, unity is diffrent.

    LegitBot: Great.

    RageBot: Very Very Very OP. No Other words. but with deagle the ragebot is broken, its not shooting good. I think that there a few weapons that should have different settings like AWP or SSG.

    Trigger: Looking kinda unlegit, but I am not using it anyways.

    Visuals: Basically everything that I need. I just can't think of something that I can add.

    Skin Changer: Working like skin changer, but its a little bit buggy.

    BHOP: Working like Bhop Should work, but also adding failure options for legit bhop, that actually something that I never saw before.

    Client stabilization: Sometimes crashing, when I am exiting from csgo to check discord for example that can be laggy for a few seconds or even crash. The crashes are happening once a day. I know that they are working now on the stabilization, and its the main thing that they are working on.

    Community: I don't think its impossible but, the community is fucking awesome, no toxic people here Like literally, I didn't saw even one here.

    Support: Holy shit, fast as fuck I did support ticketed, I didn't even waited a minute and I got response (HWID Reset)

    Overall: 9.5
    Compare to other cheats that I used: 10/10 If you are comparing unity to other cheats, unity is winning all of them.

    I think that the cheat is very good, I would give it 8 because of the crashes, but its will be fixed very soon as its the main issue.

    If the legitbot will have amore customizability I would give it 10/10.

    For sure that I will renew unity on Christmas.
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  2. biohazard


    You can! Top right of legitbot has Weapon Settings so you can select your weapon/weapon group.

    Thanks for the review!
  3. MrAutism

    MrAutism Member

    Updated to 9.5 :)
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