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    Hello commUNITY!

    Here you can find a collection of answers for the most commonly asked questions regarding our CSGO cheat. If you have any other question then feel free to create a thread in the pre-sale questions forum or contact us through the support ticket system.
    • How do I install the hack after I purchased it?
      • Once you purchased your subscription you will be upgraded to VIP rank and get access to the VIP forums. On the VIP forums there are well detailed guides and instructions. But don't worry about it, it's a painless and simple process and you will be up and running in a minute. And we have plenty of supporters ready to assist you in-case you have any questions.
    • Is the hack safe to use / up to date?
      • We always try our best to keep our cheats up to date and undetected. But if the cheat is down for any reason then you will be notified through the loader when you try to load the cheat, if it's detected then it will not allow you to inject. Any further important information will be published on the forums over the shoutbox.
    • For how long has the cheat been undetected?
      • Our CSGO cheat has been undetected since 2016. We released the Unity Recode in mid 2017, the recode has been undetected since the release.
    • Can I use the hack on multiple accounts?
      • You can use the cheat on as many accounts as you want. Feel free to boost a friend, or just level up all of your own accounts, go nuts!
    • Can I use the hack on multiple computers?
      • Each VIP account is locked to one computer. If you got a new PC you can contact our support and get it changed.
    • What features does the hack include?
      • Here is a full future list. But keep in mind that the cheat is constantly being improved and updated, in some cases the update notes might be lacking behind.
    • If I get reported a lot, can I get banned?
      • If you "ragehack" (cheat obviously) then there is a risk that you might get banned from overwatch. But as long as you use legit settings and look legit in the demo, the reports will make no difference. We suggest trying your settings in a bot game before using them on a actual online server. And even if you don't like to create your own configs, you don't need worry! The cheat comes by default with a few legit configs, and on our VIP forum you can browse through all kinds of configs from our community members.
    • Can I get banned from overwatch on casual servers or community servers?
      • No, overwatch is only enabled in matchmaking and wingman. You can't get overwatch banned from any other servers. However, the reports from these servers does still carry on to matchmaking & wingman. This means that previous and future matchmaking & wingman games are likely to go into overwatch if you received multiple reports on other servers. But as long as you play legit on the matchmaking & wingman servers you're completely safe regardless of previous or future reports.
    • Are you supporting leagues such as faceit, esea, cevo etc?
      • We are not officially supporting any leagues. However this does not mean the cheat is detected there, you can still use it at your own risk. There are configs for the different leagues on the VIP forum together with information from community members who has tried to use the cheat on different league platforms. Just keep in mind that we don't support these leagues officially, and if you end up getting banned from their service then it's something that we can't be held responsible for.
    • Can I buy the hack with Skrill?
      • No. Currently we don't accept Skrill. You can see all the payment options that are available in your country here. Besides that, you can pay with bitcoin, amazon cards & paysafecard through the support ticket system.
    • I paid with amazon, bitcoin or paysafe codes, how long does it take to get my VIP access?
      • These payments are being processed manually by the coders. Please respect this as it might take a few hours to go through them all. This will never take more than 24 hours though, and most of the time it's a lot quicker than that.
    • I paid with PayPal, how long does it take to get my VIP access?
      • PayPal payments are usually instant, after the payment went through you will automatically be granted VIP access within seconds. The only time a PayPal payment is delayed is when the payment is put on hold by PayPal, this can be seen as a "pending" payment under your PayPal account. We have no influence on how long it might take for a pending payment to go through, this is completely on PayPal's side, for questions regarding your delayed/pending payments please contact the PayPal support.
    Also, we would like to remind you to take advantage of our amazing community! If you have any questions just have a look on the forums, maybe try to ask in the shoutbox or create a thread. And besides our amazing community members, our support is always here to help you. Just create a support ticket or join the teamspeak and we will help you out!

    Best regards,
    The Unityhacks Team
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