english Unity CSGO Premium Review

Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by JohnnDaBest, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. JohnnDaBest

    JohnnDaBest Hue hue hue

    Hey there, I would like to share my one month experience on this cheat provider. I've been using other well-known cheat providers before like aw, but I doubt that Unityhacks is the best for legit cheating, the perfect silent aim is really good, if you configured correctly, you are probably fine with Overwatch Ban, you use it for Road to Global Elite with no worry. I would rate this for 5 out of 5 for user experience and supports, can't wait to renew my membership soon. :D:D
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  2. reunion

    reunion Member

    One of the best cheats ever, GUI is great and easy to navigate, looks clean, pSilent configs for different weapons as well. Nice Walls, there is a reason I'm here still after 4 years (forgot old account).
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