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Discussion in 'PUBG Customer Testimonials' started by nguadien, May 4, 2018.

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  1. nguadien

    nguadien Dog lover

    I will talk about ESP, Radar, Aimbot, Settings

    1. ESP - 10/10
    The most awesome ESP I have ever used so far.
    a. Players
    100% accurate ESP with Distance, name, HP bar, bones that does not block your view or hurt your eyes
    Visibility color is the best - Other cheats has visibility ESP too, but they cannot compare. Most cheats will display players behind hills, metal roofing panels, airdrops as visible, or wrongly display visible players as not visible. (Most notably Sugar = Pandemic = Valhalla = Carn = Destiny = HXOR, a heavily resold shit). Unity never ever make this mistake. If you see them, they are visible. If not, they are not visible, even behind infamous things like fucking annoying metal roofing panels.

    Sizes, color are all adjustable with config samples already inside the menu for you to choose - Very excellent and original ideas that no other cheats have!
    I only need to use Corner Box ESP for players, and they are very good for all situations - All clear, nothing obstructs your view on enemies!

    b. Items
    Same as player ESP - It has boxes, distance, adjustable colors. Boxes for item ESP is genius, once I used Unity, I can no longer use other cheats because their Item ESP are so shitty and ugly.

    And the best two things ever that no cheat have:
    - Hide attachments lower than attachments you already have
    - Show only ammo for the guns you are using

    This solves the problem that all other cheats are having: You can pick up guns, but you have a hard time to find ammos for them - Many ammo lie on the ground without any gun nearby. And this cheat solved this so cleverly without showing a shower of colorful ammo ESP, distracting your eyes like other cheat.

    2. Radar - 10/10
    Same as other cheats, but includes:
    a. Different icons for different items, showing on radar
    b. Showing Player visibility on radar

    Okay I knew about feature a. in a very expensive cheat and its radar ESP is trash - item ESP on Radar is distracting and confusing.

    For showing player visibility on radar, this is so original that I can only praise the devs for being so thoughtful.

    3. Aimbot - 9/10
    Is this the best thing we have on the market of PUBG cheats? I dare say yes, after using 8 different cheats.

    a. Velocity prediction
    Very high accuracy for all kinds of gun - Not a lot of cheats can do this
    Good for any distance, leading any vehicles - This is godlike. Currently no other cheat can lead vehicle, not to mention leading vehicles with godlike accuracy like this aimbot

    b. Smooth
    Do you want to look legit? Turn this to 100% and watch how smooth your aim is. Needless to say, Smooth + Velocity prediction is an unique thing that no cheats in this market have. Only Unity has it.

    c. Curve
    You want to make your aim look even more legit? Turn on curve to make your aim curve into enemies...well this function is buggy so it will make your aim jump up and down like bunnies if you turn it up too high

    d. Gravity prediction
    Excellent for M24
    Good for Kar98k
    Bad for rifles like AKM, M4, Scar-L, M16 at 200m or above range - You would want to switch aim section to Body instead of head, as your bullets would not hit enemies often at 200m+ range. At 300m+ it is nearly impossible to hit.

    Still, this is MUCH BETTER than a lot of cheats out there for PUBG. If you use Sugar cheat, you would know it is hellish to use their aimbot - at 100m or above you would often shoot at nothing, and miss a lot.

    e. Aimspot
    So you are a streamer that cannot afford to show your snappy aim to audience? Here comes the best part.

    Basically this option displays the spot for enemies' heads, with velocity and gravity prediction. Just manually aim at the drawn spot without using the aim key - You will have very high accuracy, with natural movement.

    I had a lot of Kar98k headshots this way. See them running at 200m? Point your gun at the aimspot and bam - headshot.

    This is a combination of great calculation from the aimbot and your hand - Well, no other cheat has this great feature yet.

    f. Aim magnet
    This is a hidden feature.
    I have tried 8 different cheats, so I know how this feel: When you spray an enemy, other cheats would try point your mouse pointer at the chosen body section. Then you will have to deal with recoils yourself, making spraying with x2, x4 (and the incoming x3 x6) impossible.

    For Unity, while you are holding aim key and spraying, it will hold down the pointer as hard as it can - Now you can spray red dot, x2, x4 with ease!

    4. Settings - 10/10
    Just something that will make your skills even more powerful:

    a. Pre-configured samples
    Just select them and load. Every ESP will change color or style based on your chosen samples. Then you can manually tweak some small options to make them suitable for your playstyle.

    I prefer Biohazard setting, it solves the problem of vehicle ESP distracting player ESP, while displaying heal items so clearly. It is the best for me.

    b. Quick keys for changing settings
    So you want to quickly change to aim body for close range, and aim head for long range sniping without even opening Unity menu?

    So easy to do that now:
    i. Load your preferred setting in the menu
    ii. Change aim spot to head, then assign this setting to a quick key in your Unity's Settings menu
    iii. Change aim spot to body, then assign this setting to another quick key in your Unity's Settings menu
    iv. Press the quick keys for head/body during fights and profit.

    Bonus for Panic Key users: You can also turn off everything in the menu, then save its name as "Panic" then set key, for me I set as Numpad 9. So when your friends walk over to see your screen, press Numpad 9 to hide everything!

    All in all, this is the best cheat in the market, I hope it lives long and longer, so we can enjoy cheating in PUBG to our fullest extent.
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  2. lil rimjob

    lil rimjob Member

    nice job breaking down each individual part and talking about how it differs from other cheats as well as mentioning certain criticisms. makes me even more hype to cop
  3. woojams

    woojams DopeChill

    thanks for the revew.
  4. AimBort

    AimBort Skel

    Thank you for your review and helpful feedback. unitylove
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  5. DarcksephAn

    DarcksephAn Member

    Thank you, it's a pleasure to read :flushed:
  6. SamiG1313

    SamiG1313 Member

    Awesome review!
  7. Jacobt543

    Jacobt543 Member

    Solid review, very detailed.
  8. EaZy21

    EaZy21 1312

    Good Review, everything well explainded.
  9. emperor05

    emperor05 Member

    Thank you for your feedback! Good feedback can visitors to better understand and look forward to buying invitations.
  10. biohazard


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  11. highstar

    highstar Member

    Good Review, everything well explainded.doge
  12. evelyn

    evelyn Member

    Well aimbot is 10/10 but as of last update (#12) of pubg i feel it's missing a ton of shots
  13. Morten

    Morten Uncaught ReferenceError: Supporter is not defined

    They are working on it :)
  14. TASPi

    TASPi Ich hab nichts gegen euch , Der Joker schon

    Thanks for ur review <3 Glad to see u like Unity
    Wish u alot fun with it
  15. TASPi

    TASPi Ich hab nichts gegen euch , Der Joker schon

    Fix Übersetzt.
    Quick Translate.

    German :
    Die Beschreibung ist sehr detailliert. Ich habe mehrere Rezensionen gelesen und gut geschrieben. Ich hoffe, so bald wie möglich zu Ihrem Mitglied zu kommen. Es wird erwartet, dass er eingeladen wird.

    English :
    The description is very detailed. I read several reviews and wrote well. I hope to join your member as soon as possible. It is expected to be invited.
  16. infinitas221e

    infinitas221e Member

    A very detailed review like you said.
    Of course, if you have a GIF, you can call it perfect.

  17. solocp666

    solocp666 Member

    really detailed
    and I am in more hurry to get it
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  18. kidd8250

    kidd8250 Member

    Amazing. I can’t wait to use unity hack
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