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    Note: I used Unity before and after the recode. All my opinions stated in this review are combined from both time periods and have no reason to be seperated. This is my own user experience so sorry for the Harry Potter book. PS: leave a like if you enjoyed my review! <3

    ✅ Aimbot
    » Legitbot 8/10
    In the past 4-5 months of using the legitbot i have tried out several different settings and ways to make my play ofcourse seem legit. Had a few accounts banned via Overwatch in the beginning due to my lack of positioning my aim and not looking at enemies through walls. However after the first month or 2 i decided it was more of a necessity to create my own and make it fit my sensitivity and my playstyle. As i progressed through this everything was self explanatory, however it did take me some time but that was definitly worth it. Instead of being called a filthy hacker every game i started to get +rep's for being a good player and so on. The legitbot does what it does if you take the time to get a config or make your own that fits to your playstyle and eventually you will adapt to that playstyle.

    » Ragebot & Anti-Aim 7/10 (never used before recode)
    As someone who doesn't use rage too much and know a lot about it, this is not my biggest usage of Unity. But there were times where i decided: "mhm.. let me just turn this on in casual and win a few easy games!" and just what i expected it won me games. I leveled a few accounts up to Prime and sold them via the ragebot. I never really knew what it actually did so i decided to take my laptop and look at my character what it was actually doing and found the best setting to rage with and tested it against some other cheats on the market today and sometimes it did struggle it always managed to pull up a win compared to the others! All in all it will win you your HvHs and have some fun in the process! It does what it's supposed to do. However it does poop itself sometimes but that's okay nothings perfect. The Anti-Aim also does a fantastic job of bamboozling the model ;)

    » Recoil Spray Control 9/10
    The recoil spray control is very self explanatory and it's one of the first things i customised as i already knew it from a older cheat i used before Unity. And it worked so well both before and after the recode. It's very simplistic and easy to get used to and the amount of customizability is so helpful to me and i'm guessing many other users!

    ✅ Visuals
    » Players, World & Other. 10/10
    The visuals are very self explanatory, it all works perfect for me. Very easy to put on and just play around with the settings a bit. I've got nothing to complain about since ever using it. All the options that are giving to us for our use is perfect for anyone. If i wanna see them in a box, with a glow, fully glowed it's all there! Even if i just want some simple bomb information or anything Unity got it and that's what is really enjoyable. (Shoutout to the nade trajectory tho)

    » Skins 9/10
    The skin changer, ahh.. It's really fun to walk around with a Bayonet Doppler without paying for it. Before the recode it was always a hit or miss with the skin changer and it was a tiny bit buggy but after the recode it's completely flawless. New skins get added pretty quickly and the gloves are working as intended. Not much to say about this too be honest.

    ✅ Trigger
    » el Trigger 10/10
    There is almost nothing weird to say about the triggerbot. It works perfect to me, never had any issues with it. Like honestly magnificent.

    ✅ Miscellaneous
    » Spammers 6/10
    There will never be the PERFECT cheat for anyone. The spammers are not my favorite. I barely use them due to not needing them so on this particular part of the cheat you can't really take my word for it. But the clan tags work perfectly. One thing i would like to see is a little create your own clan tag option in the menu itself.

    » Movement 9/10
    I've used the movement probably the most of anything due to the bunnyhop options. It's very lovely to see a team of developers create something you've never seen before just as the team of Unity did with the bunnyhop failure levels and just the customizability of it. It's enjoyable to use bunnyhop with a auto-strafe on a passive or aggresive level and use the failure bar to make it look like you're bunnyhopping isn't scripted, combine this with the Edge Jump and you can pull of some sick stuff. The automations are also something i use a lot now due to the pistol and revolver automation which are really useful in pistol round and got me a lot more kills than clicking by myself. The fakelag is something i only use while raging and it works perfectly so nothing to say there just that it's very laggy.

    ✅ Colors and Configs

    » Colors 10/10
    I mean not much to say about the colors section. It's just as easy as it sounds. Customize the colors of different parts of the cheat to your own liking. Always have it at default it doesn't really matter to me!

    » Configs 9/10
    Something that i had a bad view on from before the recode as of some bugs i encountered a lot. But after the recode.. DAMN! Loving the configs, got my whole numpad full of different ones for when i'm raging or playing legit or not using anything at all. Although the screen recording decided to bug out for me i have nothing to complain about.

    ✅ User experience
    I really enjoyed everything about Unity. I used a lot of cheats before i found Unity and i never regret dropping all my other ones. It's not only made me cheat 100s of hours without getting caught. But actually made me aim better without needing a aimbot. The staff are very friendly and the forums are a easy place to share your stories and get help from the community. And for the price of just 14 (excl. TAX) it's just phenomenal what the cheat can do.

    ~ zyx//gino (blurryface)
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    Thank you for that nice review :)
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    zyx I shed my skin for everybody else

    No problem, you lot deserve it :)
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    Awesome and very thorough review! We really appreciate it!

    I love the stylization you added throughout it that kept my attention unitylove
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