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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by JazzyBoy, Jun 1, 2018.

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    Aimbot - 10/10 The reason I give the aimbot a whopping 10/10 is because it fits everything I need and it is absolutely perfect. The aimbot can be setup to be blatant or very legit. So this is why it gets a 10/10

    Legit - 10/10 The legit is SO perfect it makes me look like a god but in reality i'm just a sneaky cheater :^)

    Rage 8/10 I don't know much about anti-aims but based on what I can see it's good but not very good. Nonetheless this is a Legit cheat and rage is not what they focus on. Other than that it is good for the time they work on it.

    Visuals - 10/10 The visuals is very easy to see and not glitchy everything works amazing.

    Skin Changer - 8/10 The skin changer is awesome but not perfect. These are my opinions, I love the skin changer but I would love to see a sticker changer and a inventory changer. I have already heard from staff that these are useless things and I 100% agree with that so when you are bored or something I would love to see these 2 things. Also I would like to see a option where I can choose the name i want on the gun. Other than that I love this skin changer :)

    Misc - 10/10 I see nothing wrong with this I don't want anything more and it's very simple to see it's not all cludded like other cheats

    Security - 10/10 Security is perfect I know I have been only using it for 2 days but I still have heard that it has never been detected even from the recent ban wave which a lot of cheats got banned from it. I REALLY hope it never does :D. The only thing that annoys me is that it does a lot of wacky stuff like test mode and restarting my pc but it makes A LOT of sense they want us not to get banned.

    Support/Community - 10/10 Community is so flipping nice I have never heard a rude comment towards me or anyone. Support is very good I get feedback usually very fast from 2 - 7 minutes sometimes can take longer but never more than 45 minutes.

    OVERALL - 10/10 Love the cheat keep working on it please haha. and maybe consider some of my suggestions or your freetime

    Thanks For Reading!

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    Thanks for your review! :)
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