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  1. async

    async Jason

    and | Image to big for unity.

    What does it do?

    It changes the way Steam looks.
    It changes some colors makes steam look a bit clearer.
    Even though the "main" thing is in the right upper corner.
    A little Unityhacks edit so you can start steam and remind yourself that you are an unity user.
    This is especilly usefull for older people, as they might can forget some things quickly.

    How to install?

    You need an Steamcustomizer. There you need to download the program and install it.
    After installing you download the Skin here.
    You simplay open the programm, go to open and import from .stskin .
    After that you click on use and finished.
    Only if you want to change it to normal you need to open the programm again.
    You can open Steam vie the normal steam launcher, so you don't need the programm to open steam.
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    Already got this
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