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Discussion in 'CS:GO Pre-Sale Questions' started by Tharkarr, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Tharkarr

    Tharkarr Member

    Hi there,

    I have used unity in the past (its been a while) and now thinking of coming back so heres some of my questions that i want answered before i decide to come back or not. :)

    1. Does unity still have this annoying restart pc injection because that was one of the points i quit unity having to restart ur pc everytime is just frustrating and often u dont inject at all because u just cba.

    2. I know unity is focused on legit but im also playing atleast just as much if not more hvh is unity still only meh so a tiny bit better then free cheats or can u tap with it ive been browsing the forum a bit and from what i see looks like unity still lacks behind alot in hvh does it have desync? is the reoslver up to date etc this was also one of the reasons i quit unity that hvh just wasnt worth it...

    3. still no faceit etc support?

    4. and can u still do custome clantags and chat spams cause i really liked that about unity.

    thanks in advance!
  2. Kelevra


    1. Yes, you have to restart if you use patchguard method. But man, it worth it as unity is undetected more than 2 years. Its better to restard and dont get vac.
    2. No, it does not have desyncs yet. It is still better than free cheats but its still not for hvh servers.
    3. No, unity does not support faceit ac.
    4. Yes, you can do custom clantags and chatspam.
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  3. Tharkarr

    Tharkarr Member

    Hey thanks for the answer, sadly idk if that is enough to bring me back since 15$ for just legit doesnt seem to worth it and without desync the AA probably will be useless and thus making hvh pointless. Also other cheats stay undetected as well and they dont need to restart ur pc everytime.
    Im gonna think about it, but it seems a little bit to much money for a legit cheat for me right now.
  4. Jacobt543

    Jacobt543 Member

    Just saying, if $15 is too much to pay for a cheat for one month, maybe you shouldn’t be spending money on cheats anyways...
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  5. Tharkarr

    Tharkarr Member

    its considering the downsides like the injection and missing hvh since it wont be good enough to keep up with it its not the money alone if i wouldnt be able to effort cheats i wouldnt do it
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