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Discussion in 'CS:GO Pre-Sale Questions' started by Andi Tected, Dec 22, 2018.

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    I have used Unity a long time ago. I bought the recode for 3 months and it was mind-blowing, but i left unity and tried other cheats as well, i also tried to paste "my own" and a few months later i've quited CS GO. I wanted to "play" some CS GO again after a long time, so there are a few questions.

    Patchguard: There is something like a Copy of my original Windows on my PC called unitywindows and i have to start this when i want to play with unity. But it will lower my FPS and i have to restart my PC if i want to change from my original to unitywindows as far i can remember for a better security (pls correct my declaration when i am wrong)

    Bootloader: Bootloader is just like plug and play, i have to install unity on a virtual drive or something, start the .exe file and then CSGO (this is once again my understanding, so correct me again if i'am pls)

    And is one of those two methods less violent to PC components like the CPU or the RAM, or is there a difference between AMD and Intel CPUs?

    Can we expect some Dangerzone features soon, like Visuals for Lootboxes, Aridrops or randomly placed ammo crates in the future?

    Thanks for any help, to be honest i already decided to buy Untiy when i am recovered from all the Christmas pressure.
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    Patchguard is a windows feature to prevent kernel patching, this method bypasses it in order to load the unity driver.

    The bootloader(bootable drive) just means it puts a bootloader on a flash drive and then you boot to it from your bios, which also loads the unity driver.

    Both of them are safe and do not hurt your pc in any way, its more a matter of compatibility and what is easier for you. With the bootable drive you can boot to it right away when you turn on your pc, where as the patchguard method you have to run Unity first then restart your pc once again. Patchguard disabler is generally more compatabile and "easier" to use but bootable drive is normally quicker as you do not have to restart again. However, if you use fast start, the unity driver may be preserved which means you will not need to restart again. Both are safe and are just 2 methods they use to load their driver.

    Also, the CSGO cheat is updated regularly updated so there probably will be more features added.
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  3. Andi Tected

    Andi Tected Member

    Thank you for the Quick respond.
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