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    Forums Rules
    • ANY posts that could be, in any regard, related to use or promotion of other cheats will be deleted.
    • DO NOT repeat an answer someone has already given in Presale Questions (Or any other thread). The only time you need to comment after an answer is given is if the previous answer missed something or they needed correcting.
    • DO NOT insinuate you use/code a "private" build of Unity or any other cheat.
    • DO NOT flame/insult, harass, or act aggressively towards any other users or staff or the ideology of their thread/comment.
    • DO NOT post or link pornographic content, disturbing images/videos of a violent nature or any malware/phishing/harmful content links and download links.
    • DO NOT post any personal information of other users or staff, such as name, address, social media links, dox links. Even if this is meant as a joke, or to help another member.
    • DO NOT make posts in any other language apart from English or German.
    • DO NOT impersonate staff under any circumstances. You ARE allowed to give general support, but that does not include pretending you are staff or offering middleman services as this is also a staff only position.
    • DO NOT attempt to abuse the trophy/likes/posts system.
    • DO NOT bump threads. This is only allowed within the marketplace subforum once per 24 hours, nowhere else.
    • DO NOT attempt to derail a thread's topic.
    • DO NOT attempt to sell or buy products or services outside of marketplace.
    • DO NOT post any form of spam.
    • DO NOT re-post Closed, modified, or deleted content.
    • Posts are to be made in the relevant forum section. Users are asked to read the forum descriptions before posting. You should also search for recent topics that may provide answers or information you are seeking.
    • Try to use an appropriate, descriptive subject when posting a new topic.
      Examples of bad subjects include: "Help me!", "WTF?" etc.
      Examples of good subjects include: "Having problems with injecting", "Need config advice", etc.
    Repeatedly breaking these rules and/or ignoring warnings given by staff can cost you your forum privileges. Staff reserve the right to edit or delete your posts should you break any of the above rules, with or without warning.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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