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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by NameHi, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. NameHi

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    I used UnityHacks CS:GO for a solid month at first I felt like it was the same as any cheat as it had the same features and everything it felt the same to everything else. However or the month there were things I started to like more about this cheat than any other cheats.

    1) The Support:

    The support are very professional for a name pirat & happy were super helpful but there were loads of supports who helped with the cheat when it had something not working for me. Which compared to some other cheats I've had where the support does barely anything unity's support does.


    2) The Features:

    At first I felt like most the features were similar to other cheats, but later on I felt like the aimbot, triggerbot etc and even the skinchanger had it's only more effective way of being done and it really helped me with my game ( especially backtrack 200ms :) ).


    A flaw I think the cheat has is anti-cheats, this is only due to other cheats being able to bypass multiple other anti-cheats like faceits etc ( and easy anti-cheat ). I understand the main reason for this is the way the cheat is injected for it to be safe and for you to not get banned but it's just lacking in terms of anti-cheat.


    In conclusion I'd rate the cheat a solid 8/10 the only reason why is because it's lacking in terms of what anti-cheats it can bypass but that's fine with me I like the cheat anyway.
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  2. Happy

    Happy Member

    Hey NameHi,

    Thanks for the kind words.
    For my part, i had an outstanding expierence helping you.
    Enjoy your time on unityhacks and have a great day cheating!

    PS: Default Dance

    Best Regards,
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