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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by Nefitol, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Here is my review after like 14 days of use.
    Before i came here i heard a lot of bad things about Unity but i can tell you that whatever they say it is 99.99% just plain BS.
    I know that the old HVH part of Unity was not the best, but the legit one kicked ass, strong and legit looking.

    The Recode Review.

    Ragebot/Antiaims 9.5/10:
    I am really a noob at rage in Hydra and mm and what settings to use, but i use 2 premade configs made by Clu and Flo and they are so strong, only time i loose is because i don't know where to stand etc my fault, but i am getting better.

    Legitbot 10/10:
    This is actually the best legitbot i ever used, so strong and legit it has so many options to find something that fits your play-style, i really liked the old one to but this recode is just insane.
    I can with ease go 30-50 kills against GE and play 10 games in a row without to worry about OW, with right settings you don't see the aimbot.

    Trigger 10/10:
    Don't know what to say really other than that the trigger is insane.

    Visuals 9.5/10:
    It got all you really need so many options to choose from, the only thing i missing is that the chams would not be affected by the shadows in maps.

    Misc 9.5/10:
    Misc has almost everything you need, just one thing that i miss is auto-accept, it would be so nice to search a game go make some coffee or go to bathroom etc and when you back all done.

    Configs: 10/10
    It has many different premade configs that you can test and modify to your needs and it also have some sick mm HVH configs.

    Support/community 10/10:
    The support is really fast and friendly no toxication here and the same for the community.

    Security 8/10:
    Since i am new here i have no clue about that other then it has not been detected since late 2016 or something, so they seem to have pretty good security.

    Overall 9.5/10

    If you looking for a public p2c you can stop searching this is by far the best cheat for csgo at the moment at a really fair price.
  2. Xyte


    Great review! I'm glad you have enjoyed using Unity. :)
  3. biohazard


    thanks for the review!
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