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Discussion in 'PUBG Customer Testimonials' started by ZintraFlash, Apr 26, 2018.

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    I Cheated a lot in games. I started with unityhacks Jun 2016 and I'm still astonished how nice the Supporters, community and the hacks are.

    First I had some problems setting up the hack but I fixed everything in about 10mins because of the good support :). I bought a PUBG account and went straight into 3 games and won 3. Well I tried the legit settings aswell and they were pretty dope though. I Cheated with other cheats in PUBG before but no Cheat was so Bug-free and Smooth like Unityhacks. The Menu is nice and not too difficult.

    The price is really low aswell so theres enough money left for 2-5 Rage hack accounts in PUBG. If youre Searching a PUBG hack this is 100% the best choice atm. If you have spare 60.- on your paypal just invest in Unityhacks lol, there's nothing really to go wrong :)

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    A good short review :)
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