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    Hey guys,
    first of all thanks alot to Phil for inviting me and allowing me a 1 Week free Trial!

    I have played PUBG using 3 different cheats in the last 2 years. First i played with baunti for 5 months and reached Top1 Leaderboard in Asia&Eu. While it was good enough to win alot and reach top placings it had many flaws that i wont go into here. Lets just say its a whole tier below Unity in almost all aspects and it isnt available anymore anyway.
    I also use Paradox atm, so i compare Unity directly to that cheat, since they are similar price(30% more for paradox is similar in my opinion, since most PUBG cheats cost well over 50%+ more).

    I was a bit worried about the whole patchguard thing, because i had not used Unity since they introduced "Unity Windows" as a System to reduce Detection Vectors, turns out its not a problem at all and works well. Still its a little inconvenient to restart Windows every time you want to use the cheat, but with ssd's speed it takes less than 2 minutes to get into the game. I didnt have any problems with the injection process after i started everything as Administrator and it works everytime.

    Now to a comparison between features i use in both cheats(things i dont care about or are the same in both cheats i wont go into):

    Visuals: Unity's Visuals are fine and customizable in color, i didnt change much to the default Phil.cfg. I Really like the Ingame Radar Feature, it works alot better then the Paradox one, which just overlays the basic dot radar over the ingame radar. Unity has a much more indepth radar that shows pretty much everything you want and especially towards the late game it often saves the game for me. If the Circle is coming in in phase 4/5 and you need to get out of the blue fast, you always find a path through the remaining enemys without getting shot in the side or back. Thanks radar!
    The Player esp, skeleton etc. are all similar in both cheats and i have nothing bad to say about either.
    One thing that Paradox has the edge on Unity tho is the Item Esp, while the mechanics behind hiding/showing gear depending on what weapons you have and which attachments are useable with your weapon is similar in both, paradox has Item Icons which makes it really easy and fast to tell where high Quality gear and weapons are. In later stages when you already have alot of gear both are the same, but in the beginning there is just too much Text on the screen with Unity and its overwhelming to find the right Weapons and Gear. I still manage to kill everyone around me early game, but the icons of paradox make it just a bit easier to find good stuff fast. Sometimes i have to run away for a bit, because i dont find good stuff fast enough. Maybe this could be implemented in the future.
    The other thing is the Spectator Count, a feature that unity doesnt have(or i havnt found??), that can save you from to many reports because you always know if someone is watching and has the report button ready. ofcourse you allways need to think about how the Kill cam looks, but after the killcam i might go looting again. And if i dont know if the guy i just killed is still watching, i have to loot slower and more legit. With paradox i know if i can just go ahead and "rage" loot.

    Overall I would give Unity a 8/10 and Paradox a 9/10 for Visuals.

    Aimbot: I use Mouse5 with a low fov and low smooth with head hitbox as prefered. And damn, unity destroys everything. With AR's and SMG's recoil and spread is just not a thing if you dont want it to. People just melt away in a second(literally with a vector). I have not lost a 1on1 gun fight..at all. not once with unity.
    With snipers and long ranges its a bit different ofcourse, but the prediction seems to work pretty well and the typical sniper fight where both players just lean right and left behind some tree is easy to win with Unity. I press lean, then mouse5 and click left mouse and the enemy gets a headshot.Really easy and has not failed me yet.
    With paradox its a different story. And apart from the price, unity's aimbot would be my main reason why i will not go back to paradox once my sub there runs out. I have had countless fights, where the aimbot is on the enemy and i should hit and melt them, but the bullets just miss for some reason. Sometimes i shot a whole mag at an enemy running away from me(50-100m) and not a single bullet hits. I have never had anything like that happen with unity. Same with the before mentioned late game Tree fight. With paradox i often use the mouse5 aimbot with a sniper and it just doesnt hit, which is really frustrating and i often stopped using the aimbot completly and just used my own aim, because its more likely to hit.

    Overall i would give Unity a 10/10 and Paradox a 6/10 for the Aimbot.

    I wont give a total score, because i havnt used Unity enough(3days) yet, maybe if i continue to use it and play PUBG i will do a detailed review of every Feature and Tab in the future, but probably not :>
    For 50$ this is the best cheat you can get, even if it was 100$ it would still be worth it. Not everything is the best it could be, but its still so good that if you are in anyway a capable PUBG player, you will have trouble NOT winning every game.

    Also worth mentioning: I never recieved a ban with any PUBG cheat, not permanent and not 24Hrs. I have won 24 out of the last 30 matches I played, i think I only lost 1 or 2 games while using Unity and i get between 5 and 12 kills every game, 50%hs rate, 6kd.

    ps: admins i dont know if mentioning other cheat names is okay, if its not, i will edit the names out, even though that would kind of defeat the purpose of this thread. pls no ban ^.~
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    @holyraider You can actually use it together with your mentioned cheat as I do it.(same provider) it kills all the flaw unity has. such as the current inhuman-like perfect recoil that makes using DMR/Sniper very uncomfortable. also using ar with chest aim is like no recoil with the crosshair stuck on their chest. btw Unity has way better aimbot then the other provider. I've mention literally 100 times that their aimbone for head is at the neck which results in shot hitting at the neck at longer then 300M out. its been 3 months and the problem still isnt fixed. Unity has much better support in that department. When rework first came out, Sniper couldnt even hit anything above 250M but the dev team fixed it within 1 week and made it that it can even hit headshots within 510M on standing still targets. the only reason im using 2 providers is the recoil. since unity doesnt have the option of turning it off or using the old recoil. :X
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    Interesting, maybe i will try that, but i rarely ever use DMRs so i didnt notice a problem there. I like the way unity has perfect no recoil/spread, ofcourse in the long run it might get you banned if you get reviewed manually. With paradox it sometimes feels like the RCS doesnt work at all or against me and after the enemy dies the recoil snaps up which is really weird to me. I dont have that with unity and it fits me better. With the addition of spec count and item icons i dont see a reason to use paradox anymore. Thanks for your input!
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    I have also used Paradox. I received a permanent ban in December 2018 and then stopped using it.
    I believe that if it is for crazy killing players, you should not choose UN, there are more perverted cheating for him.
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    Well here's the best testimonial..
    I read it all even tho i have bad eng
    But what I know is you said the Unity's good features detailed ;)
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    thx for the honest review! Good job
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    well done ReviewXX