Pubg never come back why not Remove?

Discussion in 'PUBG Public Talk' started by ティモOC, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. ティモOC

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    Hey Forum and Team,
    Tbh, The Pubg Cheat is now down for a Really long time the Team dont say anyting about it
    why the Team dont Just Delete it in the Shop or Hide it Fully that everyone See it isnt comming Back.

    Sry bad English,
    By TimoOC, in love to UnityPubg(Best Pubg Cheat ever in History)
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  2. Novanard

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    I believe, if it is not coming back there is no reason for them to keep it around, it is not for clickbait of course for PubG cheaters because it makes them look bad and that is definetely not what UH staff look for. Things take time, maybe the anti cheat is strong and yet no dark holes were found for safe injection many other reasons can be taken into consideration as well.
    Clients have been patient for a longwhile but they have to understand that if the cheat was ready to go public again it will go public immediately and there is no reason for them not to sell subscriptions.

    Wrote this in a hurry, sorry for typos if any.