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Discussion in 'PUBG Pre-Sale Questions' started by willisgordon, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. willisgordon

    willisgordon Member

    ive been with you boys for a few years, i reckon im trusted enough but idk. none of my mates have the cheat so unsure of how to get it, someone hook us up with an invite xoxo
  2. SWHSmash

    SWHSmash Just æ Wo[r]ld!

    The cheat is currently in a test run for staff member only. You still have to be patient for a public update release, sorry.

  3. Antimate


    How do I become verified and gain access to the PUBG cheat?
    • First off, we would like to thank you for your interest in our product! The verification system is used to create a better and safer experience for our users. In order to become verified, you'll have to send your unique vouch link to a friend who already has been verified. Once your friend confirmed that he knows and trusts you then you will be able to apply for access through our support ticket system. Be warned though, we don't accept abuse of the vouch links! Only send your link to people who you already know and don't share the link on public forums etc. Spamming the forums won't help you to get invited.
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