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Discussion in 'PUBG Pre-Sale Questions' started by Jeyde, Dec 25, 2018.

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  1. Jeyde

    Jeyde Member

    Hey Unityhacks community,
    Im J.D 25 years old ,i am a very satisfied customer since around 3 years now. ( Best Csgo cheat on marked, never had any problems or bans )
    For now i played Pubg for 1k hours, and had a lot of fun even without cheat, and got into the top 60 in Solo.
    But now I have arrived at the point where i really want to try out the Pubg Cheat.
    Is there a possible way to get in contact with someone, who is able to do that?
    We could play some game before, or even after. Im actually a very peacefull, relaxed, and smooth guy. :D
    If it is forbidden to ask that in a forum entry, I'm sorry.
    Best Regards J.D
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  2. Sliddqvist


    Hi Jeyde, the cheat is in a testing stage right now and sign ups are already closed for the beta. To use the cheat once it's released for the general public you will then need an invitation from somebody who is already verified and can vouch for you, which is basically anybody who used the PUBG cheat before.
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