Discussion in 'CS:GO Pre-Sale Questions' started by Forseth, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Forseth

    Forseth Member

    Hello, I'm new here!!

    So I'm currently looking to purchase Unityhacks' csgo cheat (3month package).
    I can tell that you have several options for payments, which is nice. Although, apparently there are none where you can just use your card? Paypal should have an option where they ask "Use card" instead of making an account. I'm currently unavailable to pay via PayPal because of limited accounts etc. The other type of payments, I cannot do either. Any possible way for me to pay through another method, like Stripe, or just make another PayPal(link), where you've got the option to pay via card.

    This might be confusing, idk. Feel free to respond, deny my information, or correct me if I'm wrong.
    Hopefully, we'll sort something out, the cheat seems extremely well put together. (Legit purpose)

    - Forseth
  2. Tom


    Glad to hear that you are interested in our community! The easiest way would be to buy an amazon gift card (with your card) and pay with it. However, psc and amazon gift cards have more expensive prices due to fees. Personally I would recommend to find a friend with a working paypal account and let him pay for you.
  3. Forseth

    Forseth Member

    Thank you Tom, for quick response! I’ll make sure to sort this out and hopefully use it as soon as posible!
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