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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by Legitlem, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Legitlem

    Legitlem Member

    Legit: 9/10
    HVH: 6/10
    Wingman: 6.5/10
    Misc: 10/10

    Unity excels in the LEGIT HACKING scene. Legit configs are easy to make, but A new user can easily browse the community forums and find a config that suits their playstyle. In my experience the legitbot does not jitter, there are measures in place that prevent it from "snapping" to a target. Backtrack is simple to use and setup, as well as the the Triggerbot and RCS. I rated the legit features of this cheat a 9/10 because of the "Angle fov" and "Point fov" options. I feel that these features are not clearly explained and can cause confusion for a new user.

    The ragebot was easy to configure. Anyone who knows how to hvh won't have any problems with the ragebot. Unfortunately Unity does not do well in hvh. Pastes are no problem and cheap p2c can be tapped easily, but no matter what config I seem to use, Unity will always end up magdumping a fake if I'm using an auto sniper; Not shoot when the enemy peeks their real head; Not baim or tap the enemy in general. Unity cannot even resolve NASA walk, A resolver update could fix these issues. Unity's Anti Aim is also lacking. Both Lisp up and Lisp down have been patched by Valve. There is no need for these two settings to be included in the cheat. If more Anti Aims were to be added to Unity along with a resolver update, I would up my rating to a 8/10. Currently I rate Unity as
    6/10 for hvh. Unity performs slightly better in wingman. One can utilize the one ways that wingman maps provide.
    Unity's "Global Options" is what I refer to in "
    Misc", Auto Anti-Untrust is amazing. Plenty of cheaters get untrusted because they forgot to tick off anti untrust and Unity solves that problem. The tooltips are another great feature, they explain what each little thing does. Auto accept is useful as always. Being able to disable the trademark is a nice addon.

    //let me know if this review was too long. These are my honest opinions, I was not told to write this or paid to do this.

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  2. Nick

    Nick Just a random dude

    thanks for your review !
  3. alfredH


    good review :)
  4. biohazard


    Try using "wait for resolver" so it doesn't try to bruteforce enemy angles.
    What you see as "real head out" is more likely than not just fake head out, and Unity recognizes this :)
    They're for nospread

    Anyway, thanks for the in depth review :)
  5. Shaxzy

    Shaxzy Youtube.com/Shaxzy

    Is that when players are upside down? like standing on head?
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