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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by UnitySense™, Jan 1, 2019.

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    :party: :party::party::party:First of all happy new year!:party::party::party:
    This is my review for unity after 1 year of using!
    Legit bot (10/10):
    Unity is one of the best on legit hacking with some good config you can play many games without getting banned I don't know what to say about it simple one of the best .

    Rage bot (8/10):
    Unity is good for rage or hvh u just need a good config
    You can easy tap aw or other cheats and if u are a tryhard you will win in hvh overall is ok/good but that's not a problem because unity focuses on legit and time to time rage bot stops working but they fixed it!

    Skin changer (9/10) :
    The skin changer is pretty good in my opinion you have a lot of skins to choose from and gloves it has some bugs for me with the knife .

    Misc (10/10) : Again there you have a lot of options and its very simple to set it if u are new to cheating community you will understand it pretty easy.

    Interface (10/10) : Unity's interface is very very good you have that unity icon on the left corner it looks frkn good
    the menu is my favorite better than all cheats (I tested many cheats).

    Support (10/10) : They reply super fast and they help you until your issues are fixed.

    Aimbot (10/10) : The aimbot is very good also the trigger bot is perfect.

    Visuals (10/10) : I like unity visuals that's one of the reasons I choose unityhacks very good visuals.

    The chams and visuals are well done nothing to comment.

    Security (10/10) :
    Unity undetected for 25 months now I think or 2 years is a good thing to hear and that's impressive since a lot of players use unity.

    Configs : Legit : valle's legit :https://www.unityhacks.com/threads/valle‘s-perfect-legit-mm-configs-ow-tested.18359/
    HVH : https://www.unityhacks.com/threads/hvh-black.22172/

    Installation: Installation is very easy just the thing u have to restart your pc every time you use unity is kinda stressing.

    If u don't want to download a config u can use Strong-Vice it comes with the cheat I recommend to disable the clantag to be more legit.

    Conclusion:Buy it!:party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party::party:8)
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  2. Antimate


    Thank you a lot for this review! :)
  3. HerzzuckvonLande

    HerzzuckvonLande Member

    I don't would give Skinchanger 10/10, because he is often buggy.
    But this is your opinion and I accept it! :)
    Thank you for this review!
  4. UnitySense™

    UnitySense™ Member

    I forgot about visuals I was drunk I edit rn
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