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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by xKordo, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. xKordo

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    I love it!

    I started of with a simple trail (48h) for a simple 5€. Although loads of my friends adviced me not to i would highly recommend taking it, although expensive i took it just to try the cheat out. And it was amazing. Ive bought another 30 days just recently and i will continue buying this until i stop playing CS:GO.

    Some quick reasons i recommend Unityhacks;

    * Extremely friendly forum and user base

    * Quick and friendly support

    * Extremely good interface - It takes only a couple of minutes to get a hang of it and then you'll be playing like Flusha in a matter of seconds!

    * Love the aimbot - Good for HvH Rage and legit. (Or Something inbetween) Altough questionable i belive Unityhacks has been the best legit bot ive playd with this far, but i'm not an expert.

    * The walls are amazing - responsible, Accurate, Reliable. That's all i can say about that.

    Thank you so much for reading my review and i hope you enjoy it just as much as i do!

    - Emil/Limeio

    (Leave a comment an write what you think! Do you agree with me or do you not? Anything else to add that you like?)
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  2. AimBort

    AimBort Skel

    Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad to hear that you enjoy Unity and it's user base. :)
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