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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by Smit, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. Smit

    Smit Member

    Hello everyone,
    Firstly i am not new to cheating,i have used several cheats in my past including Unity but then i moved to other p2c and now today back to Unity as i am now a legit player..

    So,lets start with LEGIT PART!
    Aimbot: (Score 10/10)

    Aimbot is quite smooth it will serve it purpose well even for a silver 1 player only if you have the right settings.

    Visuals:-Score 8/10)
    Most of the p2c i have used causes some choppy gameplay while playing but unity nah...Unity Walls are Clear no choppyness

    Triggerbot:-Score 5/10)
    The last time i used Unity before today was somewhere betwen 2016-2017 even then Unity Triggerbot was not good and after rework of unity i missed 3 shots on Mirage Mid area so yeah 5/10 score for trigger bot

    Skin Changer & gloves:-Score 10/10)
    All the skins are available no more flip knife bugs that used to occur...
    I am a SoStronk League player there is a bug by the way ..In SoStronk you are allowed to throw your knife..So if you use the knife skin hack and throw knife on ground and pick it up ...It will just be a Simple Knife with no skin
    For example...ButterFly knife but no skin on it...Just a default butterfly knife..

    Security:-Score 10/10)
    Unity is the safest P2C i know as of yet....2 years Undetected LUL!
    It also works SoStronk for those who want to play in Sostronk..Just keep in mind when playing in Sostronk that You start unity and then Cs go and once you are in main menu then open the Sostronk App or else You will get a Sostronk Anticheat error...

    Now lets come to rage part- Score 4/10)
    I just played Hvh for like last 3 hours and i have to say its not that great ...I tried holding 1way spots but still got tapped tried changing different AA/Hitpoints But nothing worked that could get me on Top fragger there is always a guy with Private cheat rekting everyone..so yeah 4/10 ..

    Anyone reading this that want to try out UnityHacks..I would just like to say GO FOR IT!Its worth the money..U get what you pay for!!

    Its currently a trial version ..I will buy the 6 month sub as soon as my Exams get over in this month....

  2. Xyte


    Thank you for your good and honest review.

    With regards to the "Throwing your knife" thing, since this isn't a feature that is actually in the game and is controller by a plugin there will not be a fix for this.
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  3. TASPi

    TASPi Ich hab nichts gegen euch , Der Joker schon

    Good Review , Pretty Detailed. Thank you :)

    Wish you some more Fun with Unityhacks. unitylove
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