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    So I have been messing with the unity setup for a few months before, this was on an account I had forgot and cant remember the username and password so i'm passing along my knowledge here.

    Unity cheats for CSGO are great. Now they aren't perfect but for a good amount of reasons they are good and can't be beat.

    Development of the cheat is by far the best I've seen and I've used Fanta, aw, Bithax and a whole plethora of different cheats and hacks by different communities. Ever since I originally got Unity CSGO cheats I have never had issues with them, never crashed, blue screened or had stuttering because of the injection process and or from the cheat running. It's clean, smooth and never ends up causing me any frustration when I want to inject and run it.

    Talking about Injecting the cheat, it is honestly the most secure injection processes out there. I've seen tons of cheats get tagged and shut off due to it basically injecting with a known injector while Unity's injects by running a patched version of your windows kernal which is infinitely more secure than basic in game injectors or injecting before launching steam.

    Legit bot with Unity is actually really really good. That's where unity shines unlike most of my cheats from Fanta, Bithax and so on. Unity really put more effort into making it easier to be a legit cheater with no obvious quirks or obvious pushes towards illegitimate game play. It truly pushes all other cheats aside with its huge assortment of customization settings in the cheat itself. That being said if you are not one for configuring each little setting like me to offer yourself peak performance you can always obtain configs off here from other users since others may have the tenacity to configure it without you having to try and fail and possibly get reported immediately by people.

    Rage bot is obviously where this cheat slacks but obviously for a reason. Unity isn't around because it provides cheats that get detected in a day, the coders provide a cheat that isn't obvious and isn't meant for just destroying the other team in under 10 minutes of game play. Spin bots and all that are not what unity cheats is truly for in my opinion, you use it to get a lead but nothing obvious. now there will be players who see through it but not enough who know what you use or if they are 100% sure you cheat.

    Visuals are also where this cheat pushes the limit of what it needs and what you want out of it. It's options to show the enemy player as a solid color or wire frames, meshes and so on. It gives options and that is what unity is good at. You can change the color of an enemy if they are defusing, if they are within earshot, etc. the list is huge and cannot fully be put into a short list of words, but do take a look at it.

    Skin Changer, now that is pretty much the coolest part of it. Now every cheat out there has it so I cant say must except that it does lack in changing the wear of it, the pattern of the skin and a few others but over all it is still a great cheat. If you stream and want to look cool or take pictures for friends to see on steam, its a big thing to go for.

    Misc. This stuff is mainly clan tag changers and some very small stuff that can mainly change the look of the menu and how players perceive you. Nothing major but clan tag changer and the fact that you can change configs on the fly like i've been doing. It takes a bit of getting used to but when you're on one server and want to switch to a different config next game, you can.

    So overall I do enjoy Unity's Hacks/Cheats/Exploits. The community is great at working together to get things rolling and providing a secure cheat for us to use. I bought it for 2 months but will be using Pubg cheats more but obviously I cant complain with the cheat. I sometimes switch back to fanta to see how weird it all is and to see the drastic expand ability of Unity vs more well known hacks. All in all I enjoy it. Love the community providing configs for all of us gamers who aren't really keen and know how to configure the cheat, but it's easy to get help with it. Its secure, fun and extremely well rounded..

    All in all I give it a 10/10.

    I would say there are things that could be added like night sky and a few others but nothing worth taking points off for. Love the cheat and the community itself. Great job Unity as always.

    If anyone would help me translate this to German it would be appreciated. I would like to make it easier on the people who read and speak German. I would spend my time to properly translate it but my German is not very good anymore. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks again
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    this is a very nice review i totally agree at 200000 % with u bro unityloveunityloveunityloveunityloveunityloveunityloveunityloveunityloveunitylove
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