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    Hey there.

    I have been testing the cheat for almost a month, and I have decided it's finally time to compose a well written, detailed review for the amazing cheat that Unity is. This is going to be a wall of text, and I'm going to summarize it all at the end with short tl;dr for those of you that don't care enough to read it all. I'm a legit player through and through, so the review will focus mostly on the legit aspects of the cheat.

    If you're interested in my config, you can find it in this thread: https://www.unityhacks.com/threads/my-legit-config-no-psilent.19412/#post-141402

    I. The aimbot

    It works well... but that's an understatement. In fact, it works really well. The amount of missed shots is miniscule, it's accurate even when you're aiming at flying (jumping) or moving targets. There are plenty of options for all kinds of playstyles - you can configure it for a flashy playstyle full of breathtaking flickshots better than Scream's, or aim for a more gentle approach. The player has full control over how he wants the aimbot to work.

    Not a fan of static aimbones? Unity has you covered. You can select a random hitspot, so you won't be a perfect aim machine with 100% accurate sprays or taps everytime you shoot. It's a good thing for maintaining that legit look, but if you're a person coming with some decent aiming experience already, you can take the "Nearest" bone so it will enhance your already capable skills for you.

    Picture 1 - The bone selection in Unity's legitbot.

    There are different aim modes for everybody - if you're lazy like me, you can go with the on-key route and have the aimbot lock on a target for as long as you hold the target, or you can have it aim at enemies only when shooting. If you don't want to risk aiming at jumping targets because you feel your config is not up to par yet, Unity has you covered here as well - you can opt to ignore jumping targets by just ticking a checkbox, it's as simple as that.

    Another thing I really like in Unity's legitbot is giving us, the players, control over what kind of aimbot we want. Don't ilke an angle based fov? You can go with points. Don't fancy your aimbot going in a straight line? There's an option for that as well - you can simply pick a percentage and the aimbot will move in a curved manner. You can make it so it doesn't snap onto other targets after the first one is dead too!

    Other than a regular, smooth based aimbot, you also have the option to go with pSilent. I don't really like pSilent for legit play as by definition, it's a silent aimbot - you will never see if it shakes unless you check the demo, and I find that kind of risky. With a regular aimbot you will feel and see the shake, so you can adjust your settings accordingly. Other cheats decided not to put pSilent in the legitbot, thus alienating a number of the userbase and forcing them to using an option they did not want to use.

    Unity developers decided it's up to the player, and I applaud that.

    You can even define the amount of time the aimbot will work on a target using a max chase time option, it's good if you only want help in reaching the target, but want to do the rest on your own. As I said before, plenty of things to choose from - you have absolute control over the cheat, not the other way around.

    Picture 2 - Additional options for the legit aimbot

    There's also a backtrack slider. It's a handy feature when you want to hit those pesky people going "adad" near walls up to 200 ms (0,2s) - that may not sound like much, but believe me, once you try it, you will feel the difference. It also looks pretty legit on demo. At worst it'll just look like the CSGO servers lagged out and the player position was miscalculated. That's nothing new, there's plenty of crying on CSGO reddits about bad server conditions or inaccurate hitboxes, and the vast majority of legit players don't even know you can backtrack people.

    II. Recoil Control System (RCS)

    It's simple, and it does its job. There's not much to describe here other than saying that it works, once again, really well. You have control over how much help you want on both axes - vertical and horizontal, you can tell the RCS when to kick in, and you also can adjust the strenght of overcompensation. I haven't used the last one, so I'm not too sure how it works out in the end.

    Other than that, you can have it work two ways - always or on shoot.

    Picture 3 - Recoil Control System for the legitbot
    III. Triggerbot

    Once again, not much to say. I did some testing on the moving bots before I went into a live game, flicking my mouse with ridiculous speeds at the target and it never missed a shot. It. is. accurate, and for me this was very important, because I like my aimbot and triggerbot on the same key for snipers and pistols - once again, I'm a lazy player - and I will hit those flicks every single time. Very consistent, very accurate.

    If you want to enjoy a backtrack but don't want to use an aimbot, you can also have the backtrack work with just the triggerbot. As I said before, Unity gives you full control over how you want to play - it doesn't forcefeed and pigeonhold you into using features you don't want to use.

    Other than that, there's the usual features - hitchance (so your triggerbot will shoot only when the maths are done and the result says you will hit the target), you can specify the minimum amount of damage the triggerbot needs to do for it to hit, on top of that you can also add a delay in miliseconds, if you want to.

    If you don't want the triggerbot working for the entire body, you can go with a "head only" approach or you can use it only in the damage zones (never really used that, but I would assume it works for areas that are the usual targets at which players shoot).

    If you never liked using triggerbots because it only shoot a single bullet when using it, thus looking kind of fishy, once again Unity has you covered - there's a burst option, so the triggerbot will always shoot more than once, so it doesn't look like you're using a triggerbot, but shooting all your shots manually, by yourself.

    Picture 4 - The triggerbot tab and its options.

    IV. Ragebot

    I don't HvH a lot, so my input on these features might not be the most accurate, but I will try to review the features of Unity's ragebot anyway, hoping that it will be at least somewhat accurate and help you in making your decision.

    Unlike other cheats, the ragebot isn't always on - there are different activation triggers. You can have it work on a mouse press whenever you need to shoot a hacker down in your matchmaking match, you can have it work only when shooting, or you can have it always disabled for the HvH matches. Simple, and works the way it's supposed to.
    Picture 5 - The ragebot's aimbot tab

    As you can see on the screenshot above, you can specify the bone you want to use, and you can pick a priority target using a playerlist, define how many priorities you want to override for that target.

    Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where in order to kill an enemy spinner, you might want to shoot through your legit (or not legit) teammate. You can choose if you want to do that or not by simpy ticking a checkbox for friendlyfire.

    Using a resolver is not necessary when you're raging against legit players, so sometimes disabling it is a smart choice that works better than having it on, since legit players are not using any antiaims (usually). This is once again in your control, enabling only the things you want to.

    The same goes for autowall - you can have the aimbot shoot through walls, or you can opt to not shoot through walls. It's up to you, since Unity doesn't force anything on you. You are in control of the cheat, not the other way around.

    There are some options for multipointing, when you want that extra accuracy whenever scanning a hitspot for multiple points that can be shot at, 4 suboptions for all kinds of people - those with a weak cpu, mid range, or the top of the line, expensive CPUs capable of handing intense amounts of calculations mid game.

    Last but not least as far as the aimbot goes, you can also specify the targetting priority ranging from distance, within FOV, or simply have it decide on a kill or damage dealt basis (so the aimbot will prefer people to whom you can actually deal damage, instead of shooting at a guy behind 3 walls where you hit for 1 hp with each bullet shot).

    Picture 6 - The anti-aim tab

    As far as the anti-aims are concerned, once again Unity does not dissapoint. You can pick anti-aims for all player positions - from ducking, running, jumping, up to standing still. You can choose a different AA for those - there's also the classic selection of angles - pitch, yaw, and fake yaw.

    An important aspect of winning in HvH is having your anti-aims constantly adjusting. If you find yourself getting tapped too often, it usually means you are either resolved, or the antiam wasn't that good to begin with, more often than not it's the former, so you should change your AA to confuse the resolver and do the work again.

    With Unity you can tick a checkbox and it will then dynamically adjust your AA to throw enemy resolvers off. If an opponent uses a log/history based opponent, it will most likely discard previous results and re-do the calculations every time Unity dynamically adjusts your AA, making you harder to tap by the enemy cheater.

    Some cheats don't disable the AA for ladders, grenades or defusing, making it impossible to perform those actions - with Unity once again you can toggle a checkbox which will disable your AA during those activities, so your nades aren't thrown under your feet, and so you can defuse the bomb to win that MM HvH match.

    V. Visuals

    Other than the legitbot, this is, in my opinion, one of the best aspects of Unity. The visuals are done with great attention to details, and they are very good looking. Just look at the menu in the screenshots I posted earlier. It's very pretty, it's modern, and very easy to navigate.

    Hell, if you don't know what an option does, you can toggle a feature that will describe the vast majority of features found in the cheat by just hovering your cursor over the option. Here, look.

    Picture 7 - The visuals tab

    There are a lot of toggleables in the visuals tab. You can pretty much customise whatever you want - you can make objects in the world glow, have them be written with text, or even appear as a sphere made of points so you can highlight an important item for you.

    In fact, there are so many options, I'm not even sure I have the time to thoroughly describe them all. I will just show them to you via screenshots.

    Picture 8 - World subtab in the visuals tab.

    As you can see, there's also plenty of options to choose from. I don't know about you, but sometimes I shoot at people, thinking I hit head, and wonder why the hell are they still moving.

    Weren't you? I'm pretty sure you were once or twice in a situation like that as well. There's a nice feature for that here, too. It's called "show damage", and it does what it says it does. It will display damage numbers when you hit an enemy, letting you know how much HP you took away from the enemy. You can also have it animated, too, with an option to increase or decrease the float speed of the numbers, and define for how long you want the numbers to be displayed. Look at it.

    Picture 9 - Look at the numbers go!

    Have I mentioned that the visuals tab is very, very well done? You can customise everything, LITERALLY, everything. If you don't like a static color, you can add a lot of stages, and have the glow, chams, or any other color be animated. Just take a look at yourself, it's amazing. You can even specify for how long you want each color phase to be. It's just mind boggling how many options the Unity developers have included.

    Picture 10 - Dude! Gradient coloured glows... gradient!

    The list of options for which you can customise a visual is long. I'm not going to mention or go through all of them, there's too many, you'll see for yourself once you get to use the cheat. It's amazing, really.

    Picture 11 - Other toggleables in the Visuals tab featuring a mouse-over tooltip (it has an animation, too!)

    As the screenshot above shows, you can also toggle even more features that Unity has in the visuals tab.

    If you don't like the default in game scope for snipers, you can disable that, and add straight lines drawn by the cheat (or you can not have any lines, if you want). You can also have a crosshair for recoil control, so you see where the bullets go (and will go?), you can see enemy ranks.

    Or... you can draw a compass (this is nice). It draws dots around the crosshair in directions where enemy players are. If you don't want to use glow or boxes, but still want a hint where enemy players are, this is the feature for you.

    Let's say there's a player to your left, but you don't want to know exactly where. It will draw a dot on the left side of the crosshair, letting you know that you are not alone, and there's an enemy lurking on your left. Nice, right?

    Other than that, pretty standard stuff - third person with a distance slider, viewmodel and fov changers (if you hate the default one, there you go, you can change it, makes the game feel faster, really nice).

    And again, you can change the colour (or add more colours, gradients too) of every visual feature there is. If you don't believe me, buy the cheat, see for yourself. It's true.

    If you're at least a little bit like me, you also hate thick-ass glows that look like they're pasted from a free cheat posted on some coding forum. Dear God, how I hate thicc glows...

    ... fortunately, in Unity you can either have your glow be thicc, or you can make it barely visible, or anything in between. You can even make it animated. Just take a look!

    Picture 12 - Animated glows with a transparency slider!

    VI. Skinchanger

    Once upon a time, there was a player, his nickname was Sliddqvist, and he thought that skins are a retarded idea and never really bought into the hype. Those days are long gone, and I can't stomach using a cheat that doesn't have a very well working skinchanger.

    Unity (surprise, surprise!) has that covered as well, so there's that. It also works very well. It has separate dropdown menus for knife models, gloves, their corresponding skins, stattrak values or other features, like a custom skin name.

    It's all arranged nicely, so nothing is convoluted with bad spacing or the likes of it. See for yourself.

    Picture 13 - The Skinchanger tab

    The custom name feature is a little bit deceitful, however. On the dropdown you only have 2 options - both being the cheat name and/or its website, but there's a file in the cheat directory which lets you add your own names to choose from. As I said before, in this cheat, almost everything is tweakable.

    Skins update instantly, and persist even after death, so if a teammate or enemy picks a skinchanger weapon, and you spectate him, it will say that he's wielding <yourname>'s weapon with the skin you chose before, you know, just as if you had a real skin and another player took your weapon from you - it will say he has your weapon with your skin on it. As legit as it gets.

    The skinchanger works on your POV demos (so if you want to record a fragmovie, you inject the cheat, load the demo, record, and it will show your skins). The only gripe I have with the skin changer so far, is that it doesn't work on your local GOTV demos. It's a simple feature to add, I've seen it added into other cheats after I suggested it to the coders.

    I'm sure Unity will add it sometime in the future though, when time allows and they're done adding more important things to the cheat. In Unity I trust.

    VII. Miscellaneous (misc)

    By miscellaneous I mean everything not mentioned before - config settings, bunnyhop, name changer, chat spammer, clan changer, fakelag, airstuck, all these things. They're in Unity too.

    Pictures 14 & 15 - Misc tabs for Movement and Spammers subtabs

    As you can see on screenshots posted above, there's enough options for those too. The namechangers, spammers and clanchanges may appear as preset, but they are not. There is a file in your cheat directory where you add custom names, spam messages or clantags. The only thing that is set in stone is animations - but not entirely. You can mix-match predefined animations in a single clantag, but you can't add entirely new animations (so you can't steal an animation made by a different cheat, unless the animation type was already added in Unity).

    There's also fakelag with different modes - you can either have it choke a static amount of packets, or have it adapt to your ping and choke accordingly. There's LBY walk (fakewalk/slowwalk in other cheats) that lets you walk without updating your LBY in HvH. There's airstuck too, but I never really used it.

    Picture 16 - The config tab

    Now, here we have the config tab. Yes, as I said before, everything can be customised, and that also includes the config tab. You can select a config and make it default, so everytime you launch the game with the cheat injected, this config will be loaded by default. It will switch to this config when starting another game or switching servers too. It's default, means it will be your go-to config, unless you change it.

    Every config on your config list can have a button assigned to it, and after you press that button, you will load that config. That's really cool, since you can bind different configs for different situations and change them without ever opening the menu. Nice.

    You can have a notification shown at the bottom left corner telling you that a config was changed, but you also can disable that. It's up to you, entirely. Same goes for the watermark.

    The cheat comes with actually a large amount of premade configs from various respectable members of staff and the Unity community, so you can start your own config based on their work, or just start from scratch, if you so desire.

    VIII. Streaming

    Last but not least, every single visual drawn by Unity is invisible on streams or recordings, if you want it that way, however, it has its limits - if you record your gameplay with Shadowplay, visuals will still be seen, but this is something that can't be bypassed no matter how good of a coder you are.

    This is because Shadowplay is hardware based recording solution using a chip (or something, I don't know the specifics of it) to record your screen directly from the GPU. I don't think you can bypass that, no matter how hard you try.

    Everything is invisible in software like OBS, and since that is the most common streaming solution, your streams will be visuals free, literally, not a single cheat feature will be seen by your viewers.

    IX. Support, community.

    The Unity Community is pretty good. You will have people to chat and play with. There's a ton of both Legit and HvH configs being shared in the Premium section by the community, so if you don't want to make your own (or don't know how to), you can always take a config posted by a member of the community.

    As far as support is concerned, from what I can tell Unity has a big support staff that will answer your questions and help you with your problems really fast.

    I happened to make a few tickets which required one of the owners to answer them, and even during a busy time, and I was given an answer quite fast.

    X. Summary, TL;DR.

    If you have made it this far, I salute you, because this is a long review and not everybody has the time or willpower to go through it all. It's time for some final words to conclude this wall of text, and provide a short tl;dr for busy people, also the lazy ones.

    Unity is an excellent cheat. Every single feature was coded with great attention to detail, and the coders made sure that the user has complete control over the cheat. Virtually every single feature can be activate by a hotkey, and the list of hotkeys is long, I think it pretty much covers every single button on your mouse and keyboard.

    Visuals are pretty, and they can be highly customised too. You can add your own animations, glow thickness, make the colors be gradient, or add your rainbows. Every color stage can have a different timer on it as well.

    The legitbot is sharp, accurate, and looks legit. Triggerbot reacts fast, and shoots accurately too. RCS does its job well, and is legit looking as well. Lots of aim bones to choose from, a curved aimbot, different fov modes, and also pSilent for those who want it.

    I'm not much of a HvHer, but whenever I had the enemies rage on me, I toggled and almost always we won. The only time I lost was when there was a 4v2 situation, and I toggled in the 8th round, on top of that the other guy in my team was using a pasted cheat. With all these things going against me, I managed to get 14:16 using a premade config included with the cheat by one of the supporters, I believe, Clu is his name.


    • Everything can be customised
    • Beautiful visuals
    • Easily noticeable attention to details
    • A plethora of features
    • Excellent detection record (not a lot of them, and the last one was well over a year ago)
    • Very cheap compared to the competition
    • Amazing legitbot
    • Decent ragebot, you will win those HvH & wingman matches if you know how to HvH

    Numerical scores:
    • Legitbot - 10/10
    • Visuals - 10/10
    • Customisability - 10/10
    • Skinchanger - 9/10 - wish it worked for local GOTV demos, but otherwise it's pretty good.
    • BunnyHop - 10/10 - works the way it's meant, got a circle strafer, also has options to make it look legit.
    • Ragebot - I'm not good enough at HvH to give it a fair, unbiased reply, so for me it's a solid 8/10.
    • Triggerbot - 10/10, fast and accurate.
    • Software stability - 8/10 - once in a while you'll get a crash, and sometimes there's an error about missing assets.
    • Security - 9/10 - had detections in the past, but it's a big cheat, and so far there were no detections for over a year, Unity has also a pretty interesting injection system, never seen one like that before, so additional props for that too.
    • Support and community - 10/10 - A particular cheat with its name starting with the "A" letter has a pretty dumb, retarded community. Unity is the polar opposite - kind, helpful, free of imbeciles.

    I think a good cheat deserves a good review, so this is why the review is so long - 4,084 words, 22,046 characters long.

    Thank you very much for reading my review, and I would also like to thank the Unity developers for an excellent cheat. I've used many cheats before, but I don't think I'll ever go back to them. Unity is just too good and fits my tastes and playstyles well.

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    Absolutely amazing review!

    Thanks for the analysis on everything, seriously. Hats off to you :)

    I've read it all and I'm really pleased at the accuracy and attention to detail you put in this. Great job!
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    Thank you all for your kind words :)
    Really glad to be here, using this cheat. It's simply the best.
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