english My 100% True Review of Unity.

Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by MrAutism, Apr 12, 2018.

What do you think of Unity?

  1. Its Great!

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  2. Its Great! But I agree on the HvH Side.

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  3. Its ok...

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  4. I don't like Unity

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  1. MrAutism

    MrAutism Member

    Unity, Unity is Good on some areas, bad at some and Great On Some!
    so this is my full review.

    Legit Bot: 9/10 I like it, could add more "special features" that no other cheat have, however the Legit bot works fine

    Rage bot: 4/10 Okay before I start I want to mention that Unity is great for Raging vs Legit unlike a few cheats out there and its really great, but on the HvH side Unity sucks, and this is an important area for me since I like HvH.

    Miscellaneous: 9/10 Nice features, the only reason that I give 9/10 its because the Name Changer is weird and doesn't changing your name in the Chat unlike another Cheats

    Stability: 6/10 Getting Blue screens daily... Sometimes the game is crashing.

    Visuals: 9/10 Could add more, the Visuals look kinda bad don't know how to explain it.

    Skin Changer: 10/10 Great! Stable and Easy to use, I would like to see inventory change in the Future.

    Injection: 100/10 This is where Unity is different from other cheats Providers, The injection methods are very, very, very smart and can make Unity undetected for another year if not more. If someone will ask me a cheat to cheat on his that is not priavte I would say Unity, the injection is great, not many youtubers are using it (usually cheats that youtubers are using are also getting detected more often)

    Community and Support: 10/10 The People here are great, no raging and not Toxic the STAFF here are very active and the support is fast AF.

    Over all: 7.5 Unity is a good cheat, still have what to improve I would buy this cheat only for legit and not for HvH. Unity is also very Cheap to other Cheap providers which can effect your Choice.

    Will I buy it again? NO. Why? Because of the HvH side, its kinda sucks and tbh I actually like legit playing more then legit hacking, HvH is just part of the game in my opinion, if you are looking for the Best cheat to cheat in your Main go for it, want one of the best legit cheats? Go. The development is more focused on the Legit bot then the Rage and now they also started to work on the PUBG cheat which can effect the CSGO hack.
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  2. Vice

    Vice Support Leader

    As everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I will quickly answer this before your review is getting torn apart :p

    First off: Thanks for the review :)

    Anything in mind?
    AFAIK the Legitbot offers everything a legit-bot offers. Adding anything game-breaking to the legit-bot would make it a rage-bot.

    A lot of people are actually able to tap other cheats just fine, as long as they know how to play HvH. Playing HvH is not just about the cheat. Put a pro racer into a bad car and he might even win against a bad ass sports car with an amateur behind the wheel. However, as we do not focus on HvH (cancer anyways) this will most likely not be optimised.

    The namechanger works fine, however, has been patched by Valve years ago. Changing your name obviously also changes the name whenever you type something in the chat.

    Bluescreens are mostly caused by AVs interfering with our driver. I, myself, never experienced bluescreens. Mind dropping us a few dumps so we can take a look at what is causing the BOSD?

    Even more visuals? o.O AFAIK we already offer tons of different visuals including a wide amount of customizability. Furthermore, visuals always were on point for me and carefully drawn. Might want to take a screenshot of the "bad" visuals for me?

    We try our best unitylove
    Thanks for believing in us! Stay sharp.

    Kind regards,
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  3. Antimate


    If you like hvh, i assume that you should know, what u are doing -> If you know, what u are doing, unity taps very good. 4/10 is simply unjustified in my oppinion. I played a lot of hvh with unity, and i rekt so many ppl. Zeus, aw, iwz and the trapcheats as well. Maybe you need another cfg?
  4. MrAutism

    MrAutism Member

    I used a lot of configs, I remember that I had a lot of good moments with Unity when the recode came.
  5. theZeni

    theZeni b1g NN

    I agree with HvH too. I mean, it's not bad, against pasters or people with bad configs with aw/zeus, etc.. But if someone with aw/zeus/skeet or other strong HvH cheats have good config, it's almost impossible to kill them. :/
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  6. shenmi

    shenmi Member

    This is a perfect cheat
    This is the cheat I really want
    I like it so much
    In the use of a few days I will send out my experience
  7. MrAutism

    MrAutism Member

    Its a really bad cheat for hvh, you probably never used a good cheat...
    I can agree that the legit bot is great and that the staff here are not dick unlike another cheat providers's staff members
  8. shenmi

    shenmi Member

    That may be your own problem
    My current usage is very good
    I used a lot of cheating, but I can't find the second one unityhacks
    Thank you
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