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    Hey so a few days ago I was looking to buy an actually decent cheat to legit cheat with and before then I only bought cheap ass cheats that usually got me VAC banned within a day or two, (the shit cheap ones that "famous" youtubers promote, don't buy those) and I lost many prime accounts like that so I decided to invest a bit more money on a [LEGIT] cheat, so I stumbled upon Unityhacks, so today I want to tell you my honest opinion on the cheat within the 48 hours (or less) that I have used it.

    - Menu - First of all I want to talk about the menu(GUI) of the cheat. The first thing I saw when I opened unityhacks CS:GO page was this absolutely simple, but yet so beautiful menu. This makes you think that not all good things have to be complicated, and this menu is a proof of that, it is probably the most simplistic, easy to use, and good looking CS:GO cheat menu I have seen ever period.
    I would definitely give this menu a 1/on my screen it's a masterpiece that helps retards like me navigate easily.

    - Visuals - The visuals in this cheat are really good, if colored correctly, there's not a single visual that makes my eyes bleed, and that's rare in cheats, even though I use only chams, (which look awesome aswell.) when I semi-rage I like to turn on most visuals and have fun and to be honest it looks satisfying to the eye.

    - Aimbot/Aimassist/pSilent/bacc tracc - Aimbot is really legit, even though I can't make it too legit myself, because I have natural aim myself so even fov like 0.5 on the aimbot makes me an 'edshot machin, It still looks more legit than what I have been using before atleast imo. After all 95% of overwatchers are retards, and there is no way in hell or heaven you are going to get Overwatch banned with this awesome aimbot, unless of course you have chromosomes in excess
    - Rage - Rage works as it should, nothing much to say, I don't like raging I prefer closet cheating because that angers people more :)

    - Configs - When I first injected the cheat I saw that the cheat has already pre-built configs by staff members, which is interesting and the configs are really good as well, done by people who know what they are doing. If you don't wanna be bothered making a config you can just select one of the legit ones from the menu and they are gonna do you wonders.

    - Streamproofing - This cheat is by far the best cheat for stream proofing and if you disagree you are a scrub, let me tell you why.
    streamproof chams - This is genius and it works amazing. I am a fan of this a lot because I hate playing with visible only box ESP, so awesome work here from the devs!
    injection method - See once you inject Unityhacks, it injects every time you restart CS:GO (unless you reboot your PC) which is great because you are not gonna look like a complete retard restarting CS:GO 5 minutes injecting your cheat. I really love this feature, as every time I need to restart CS:GO I hate having to fucking close down steam inject then open steam then open CS:GO you get it. It makes streaming an easier job for closet cheaters.

    When should you not buy this cheat?
    As I said this is an honest review and every honest thing has both a positive and a negative side, even though the positive side here prevails.
    - HvH - At this moment and this state of the cheat (04/07/2019) If you are looking for an HvH cheat, I highly recommend you to quit hvhing and buy this cheat anyways., even though the cheat is amazing and I absolutely adore it, my intentions weren't to HvH that is why I bought the cheat, but be informed that currently the ragebot and anti-aim features of the cheat have not been updated yet (please check for updates if you are reading this in the future) and are too outdated to compete with other pay2cheats in this sphere of cheating! and I get it, that's not the main priority of the cheat and that's not it's selling point either so there is no point in rushing it and I respect that.

    The cheat is absolutely worth it's money and is one of the best legit cheats out there providing amazing stream proofing which includes chams as well.
    The aimbot and pSilent are legit af.
    Security is top notch
    visuals are gucci for them eyes you got.
    HvH is outdated (for now)

    i give 10/10 please buy this if you dont you lose on a lot fam.
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    Hi KrowNN,

    Thank you very much for your review!

    Best Regards
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