How do I get verified?

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    How do I get verified? I just want to hack...
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    you need to get invited by one of your friends
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    There is a easy Guide how to get Verified:

    Get active here in the forum. This does not mean that you write under every post how cool the post is. You'd only be spamming with that. It's about being helpful and friendly to the other users here in the forum.

    It would also be good if you upload a profile picture and add some information about yourself to your profile. That makes you more sympathetic! ;)

    To make yourself known to people faster, you can also enter the Teamspeak server and talk and play with the people there. You don't have to own the PUBG cheat to play with cheaters. A few funny rounds with Premium Users can make you get to know each other better.

    If you spam every premium user in the private messages or write the same message under every forum post (WOW! Cool!) or something similar, you can assume that you will never be verified, because this makes a bad impression.
    Also, you should not send your voucher link anywhere unasked to anyone, otherwise it may be reported. This can mean that you no longer have access to this link and no one can vouch for you.

    Text by @Morten
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