does it matter how many cheats u have turned on?

Discussion in 'CS:GO Pre-Sale Questions' started by avanmanse, Mar 11, 2021.

  1. avanmanse

    avanmanse Member

    Like if i only have 1 thing on like radar as opposed to wall,aim,radar, skins etc at the same time, does that lessen the chance of getting caught in the next vac wave?
  2. knightfall


    Admin Post
    no, vac detects the cheat, not cheat features.
  3. hlin

    hlin Member

    does both.
    But mostly all about sigging indeed. Some injection methods were detected back then as well as hooks such as vmt. Which even private cheats even used by a single person could get detected just from that, cause some features relied on that.

    But in this context, sure could enable all features on unity and be fine (well, until being sigged as it happened, apparently) there, one or all wouldn't mean much (outside of untrusted features / overwatch ofc)

    At worse you would end up banned from community servers cause of stuffs like smac cause of stupid stuffs like bhop lmao. Which are easy to detect for most. I don't recall if unity was totally fine with the poor smac but if am not wrong, it was indeed not safe on few features. But that is just a retarded serverside addon acting like some anticheat while doing just basics. Humanizing the bhop for fact, to go through the smac's bhop cheat detection would legit take few minutes at most to code out.
  4. stahlker


    thanks for clarifying this matter, in the last year, I was refreshing this page everyday like 20 times a day waiting for a clarification from someone certified in csgo hacks, now that I have this answear I can finally rest in piss, thank you my friend
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