Detection question (ha, that rhymes :D)

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I haven't used unity for over a year and saw that its been detected. Were people banned via the detection or did unity learn that the cheat was detected, took it offline and solved the issues before anybody was smacked with the ban hammer?

    I look forward to buying another sub in the next day or so, thanks! :D
  2. Sorry for the double post, but will my previous profiles still work even though I havent used the cheat in so long?
  3. knightfall


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    we took the cheat offline so only a few users were affected. you can still use your old account but you might need a hwid change :)
  4. I meant my own personalized cheat profiles with the different settings such as fov, chams, etc.

    I ask because I'm not too sure how much has changed since I've used it last.
  5. alfredH

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    As long as there were no major changes to the cheat, and you still have safed your config files - you should be good 2 go ;)

    Didnt use the Cheat in ages and im not up to date, I guess just try out and see ;)

    Have fun