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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by Pdeet, May 21, 2018.

  1. Pdeet

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    I've been a customer of Unityhacks for just a few days, but in those few days I've seen enough to really give a full review on the cheat because I have a lot of experience with many different Cheatsites.

    1. Design/Usability: 10/10

    Everything is fairly simple. You purchase the hack, you get automaticly activated instant. If you're used to an in-game menu, then this is the nicest looking and by far easiest to use Cheat you can search for. You don‘t even have to configue anything because there are so many good configs on the board here for Full Rage or Ultra legit.

    For me personally, it's so simple to use, and it's very effective!

    2. Features/Use

    In my opinion this hack is not „full“ made to HvH. This is meant for legit purposes, but i seen some crazy rage Settings aswell.

    Aimbot: 10/10

    The aimbot is great and very effective on Globel Elite but legit the same time. The RCS is great (once configured properly - it takes a few tries, i use like 15-16) and honestly everything about it is great once you tweak the settings for your gameplay. Overall, one of the best legit aimbots I've used.

    Triggerbot: 8/10

    The triggerbot itself is great. The Reason i just took 2 Points off was just because it didn‘t shoot twice at a situation, but maybe it was my fault because of a wrong configuration.

    Nonetheless very legit aswell

    I have been dropping 25-30 bombs almost every match/pub and not one person has called me out.

    Visuals: 10/10

    The Visuals are the best I‘ve seen so far in years! I got used too alot of cheat sites and this for me was just a wow effect how much you could edit!

    Bunnyhop: N/A

    Didn‘t used this feature because of the new Vacnet(wasn‘t sure if it detects it and bans me permanently, just a little bit paranoid :D)

    3. Security 10/10

    As stated above, I've only been a customer for a few days, but I'm very satisfied so far. The hack itself has been never been detected so do i know right know. And it also fells very safe with the injecting method!

    4. Support Service 10/10

    The staff and customers are very quick to respond. I personally have not needed any assistance, but just from looking around the support forum, it seems that everybody is willing to help you get the hack up and running. Also, they update their cheats with game/engine/steam updates very quickly so you're really not dealing with a lot of cheat downtime.

    And be honest, where are you able to play with the support when your just few days here! Shout out to $ick! Friendly and very good Teammate to play with!

    5. Price: 10/10

    Find a better and cheaper Cheat. You wont find such a quality Cheat for such a price


    I have used plenty of cheats in the past, and I believe I found my new home with Unityhack. The cheat is really solid, the aimbot is powerful and legit with psilent if configured right and the triggerbot (though it has its share of problems in my opinion) is great too. If you're looking for a legit hack to play in public servers / matchmaking, Unityhacks should be a top choice.

    Total rating 9.9/10!
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  2. Morten

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    Nice review! :)

    Unity is the best cheat for legit ;)
  3. Pdeet

    Pdeet Member

    Awkward that i didn‘t found this site earlier, shame on me.

    Would have saved me alot of time and stress...
  4. James_23

    James_23 Member

    Great review! This is very useful for us who haven't tried the cheat yet. Thank you
  5. Pdeet

    Pdeet Member

    Go for it, its worth every cent! You won‘t be dissapointed.
  6. tatej

    tatej Member

    Useful review, thank you
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