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    After 90 days using Unity I have to say it its undoubtedly a great cheat. I only used it on my main account and I never went to OW reviews with more than 90 wins using the cheat.
    What I really wanna say is all you got to do is to understand the features of the cheat and editing them with your own style and the most important thing is to use common sense while cheating and I can give some of my few tips if anyone needs them.

    1) (Depends on your rank) If someone is usually hiding in an unexpected corner, just dont kill him or just fake your death ( For example if 4 enemies are on mid fighting with your team and the fifth is just hiding somewhere unexpected just dont look for him.

    2) If your enemy team is more skilled or outplaying you ( Like 3-11) just accept your loss and dont rage cheat. I know that comeback is always real but that's if the whole team participates in it and not you alone.

    3) If it turns out to be cheaters in the enemy team as well, just turn off your cheat and let them win. Dont go HvH.

    4) Even if you have WH turned on, always use common sense when scanning corners. If you are T side and you can see that CT's stacked A , dont go running in B with knife, go with your gun, throw a flash and scan all corners even though if there is none.

    This may not be everything or this may be known by some of you but I still want to give others an idea of how it's done the proper way.
    I would give it 10/10.
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