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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by jacksong, Jul 17, 2018.

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    Hello everyone, I am new to unityhacks that why I brought only one month of subscription.
    Just want to point out that the hack is good but it does not mean you will never get caught. I have in many instances get kicked out of many games due to being obvious but still no ban though. The hack will remain undetected but the way you play using hack will not remain undetected.

    Price:10/10 (Get a job and you will know why it so freaking cheap)
    Aimbot: 10/10 (I always put to aim throat so my headshot rate is not very high but it does the job)
    Complexity: 6/10 (Come on, don't tell me you understand the menu without testing like freaking 10 games.)
    Visual: 10/10 (You can even tell what the opponent is doing if your experience enough)
    Setting up: 7/10 (although there are guides, it will still take some time to get the job done)
    Support: 10/10 (This is bullshit. I ask a question and I got replied within 30 mins . like seriously? do you have a life? It not some copy and paste answer. I could see many punctuation missing.)
    Downtime: 10/10 (Personally I experience none for now)
    Flash sales please HAHAHAHAAH but I have no complaints.

    Although this is quite a simple review but i will definitely buy 3 months this weekend. Will be back pretty soon. If you wondering why my post or my trophy is so little cause the hack is just that good. No need to come back and check on the status/forum whether it working or not. I could always post my subscription time if requested. TOODLES!
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