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Discussion in 'CS:GO Customer Testimonials' started by playlove1999, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. playlove1999

    playlove1999 Member

    This is the singlemost best hack for csgo i have seen!

    I have came from various cheat providers but havent changed from here to anywhere else.

    Ability to livestream and hide the hacks is magical. You wont get external hack like these easily in market.... Hell i dont even think any other provider actually have stream proof hacks than this!

    Asmin is amaxing support is amazing hack menu is amazing esps are amazingly good AND radar is soo good ! Other providers mostly use a separate square box which is hard to get used to but this game uses the game radar! AMAZING

    Will keep using this hack until csgo doesnt dies off completely....

    Phil(admin) is such a chill and cool guy. I cudnt pay him full amount because his payment gets reduced by third party payment provider still he subbed my account with 1 month today. I love you man (no homo)

    Visuals: 10/10
    You have every type of visual u like to use. I recommend using radar only if u like to be ultra legit and sort or just activate enemy only>only show on radar>also when heard with this ull be less obvious

    Aimbot: 11/10
    Psilent is amazing with 0.5 fov. Nothing much to say ull see results urself

    Movements: 10/10

    Bhop is always suspicious if done carelessly. I like the amount of mistakes bar thing set it to 2-3 and ur good

    Other settings: 10/10
    So many things so many options i love eet
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  2. girlgunner

    girlgunner Member

    Maybe don't mention that publicly or else other people will start trying to ask for discounts...
  3. NoSpread

    NoSpread Support Leader

    Thank you for your positive review ^^
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