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  1. samurai002
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  3. samurai002
    samurai002 oscarxiao
    We can help each other to invite

    Please click below link and then give me your ivite link

    first of all, if your friend has the right to invite you, you can invite him to invite, or actively make friends in the forum
  4. samurai002
  5. samurai002
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  7. liangping
    liangping Dreaming
    Hello, friend
    My English is not very good
    I want to ask how I can get qualified.
    Thank you. I've been studying for a long time.
    Sorry to bother you.
  8. KKis
    KKis Rollywzy
    I was invited by a good friend and liked your for cheating very much.Request for approval thank you!
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  9. somx
    somx Flo
    Dear Administrator Hello, Can u help me plz, so importand for me.
  10. geshen666
  11. 755756466
    755756466 hotlineblingtho
    Your post stuns me and makes me envy you more for experiencing Un..
  12. 755756466
    755756466 HuJia584520
    Anyway, there is always a sense of inexplicable affinity when you see Chinese people outside the wall
  13. yuki1991
  14. 755756466
    755756466 Theshy
    I really want to play in pubg with you
  15. 755756466
    755756466 Luki44tluka
    Hello, I am from China, I have watched the conversation between you and your Indian friends, can I join you and become your friend?
    1. Luki44tluka
      There are many people in CSGO's advanced support who can invite you. Try to be friends with them.
      Feb 22, 2019 at 9:51 PM
  16. Hinatsuru
    Hinatsuru Luki44tluka
    I want to be friends with you. Can you help me?
    1. Luki44tluka
      I really hope that UN can open a donation channel, donate 1000 Euros and submit ID information and then purchase it through review. Hahaha.
      When I saw your registration time, I didn't want to say anything.
      Feb 22, 2019 at 9:52 PM
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  20. Eastside
    Eastside Aistyra
    VIII.IV.MMXVII was das für kacke?